GMB Pirate, an SEO service, specializes in bringing internet traffic to smaller businesses that may be competing with many other businesses on the internet.


Denver, CO, March 8, 2021 – In the past decade, the internet has taken society by storm. You can find everything on the internet. Looking for cute pictures of dogs? The internet has you covered. Doing Christmas shopping? The internet gives you a wide variety of the best gifts out there. There simply is nothing you can’t find on the internet!

However, access to all these resources means a lot of competition. There are millions of businesses on the internet today. That makes it very difficult to rise to the top on the web.

GMB Pirate provides local SEO services so you can get your business noticed on the internet! Help your business grow by letting GMB Pirate put your website on the map!

Clients have three different packages to choose from. Clients can experiment with SEO basics with the one-month trial package. This is a great opportunity to experiment and see all the great services GMB Pirate can provide for you. The price for this package is $100 for the month.

Once you have gotten a taste of what GMB Pirate can do for you, you will be able to choose from six or twelve-month packages. Both packages include profile optimization, business listings, detailed reports regarding website traffic, and full-time GMB page management. 

However, with the twelve-month package, users can save a whopping $240! For a six-month package, the price is $250 a month, and for the twelve-month package, the price is $230 a month.

“We know everyone has different needs, so we decided to give our clients options that suit them as they see fit,” said a representative from GMB Pirate.

The GMB Pirate website is simple to use, so users spend less time trying to figure out how to navigate the website, and more time working on getting more internet traffic for their business! 

Users can view all the packages with the services provided in each in the sections tab. To learn more about GMB Pirate, and to hear their story, you can visit the about us tab. 

Of course, every good business must be easy to contact, which is why GMB Pirate has a very receptive contact section! Not only will you be able to find the phone number and email for GMB Pirate, but you can also send them a message from this page! Simply provide your contact information, select a subject, write your message, and a representative will be in contact with you in no time!

“We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, it’s just as good as our SEO services!” said the CEO of GMB Pirate. 

Don’t let Google control the fate of your business, let GMB Pirate bring visitors to your webpage! 

About GMB Pirate:

GMB Pirate is a local SEO company that specializes in helping small businesses gain internet traffic.

Contact Information:

Rachel Noall
GMB Pirate, 3700 Tennyson St. #12251
(720) 534 – 3846