Global Estate Realty plans to bring buyers and sellers of real estate together. Sell your real estate with Global Estate Realty and forgo the traditional realtor-controlled route. Users can employ the website to navigate listed real estate around the entire world. Learn more at


Doral, Quebec, 29 July 2020- A new online platform has arrived to bring buyers and sellers of real estate to one place. Global Estate Realty is building a website that will simplify the process.

At Global Estate Realty, they are working from the ground up to upgrade the site and would appreciate any ideas and ways to improve it based on the feedback from their users. Let them know how they can make their website the best that it can be.

“At the moment, I am starting from scratch and making improvements to the website,” says Luke Torrie. “If you have listings that you would like to post as a buyer or would like to invest in the platform, let me know. We can work together to get this site off the ground.”

Sellers don’t have to have a subscription in order to post a listing on the website for Global Estate Realty. If you were looking for a great place where you can advertise your home online for free, you’ve found it at Global Estate Realty. The website makes it easy to put up a home for sale by owner type of listing. You can do all of this without the help of a realtor, which can save you money during the selling of your home.

Buyers will that the option to check out the website for free for one hour. You must then sign up to access listings from around the world and create a “favorites list” to keep track of the properties that they like. There is an option to subscribe for a week for $25. The Annual Membership Plan is currently discounted by up to 30%. This makes it so that the usual $1,000 subscription now costs only $700.

Global Estate Realty plans to give you full access to all of the different tools available on the website. A subscription allows you to search global listings, post and edit your advertisements, and even manage your offers.

Learn more about this new online platform for buying and selling real estate at

About Luke Torrie: As a student who struggled in school, Luke Torrie didn’t think that he would ever be successful. The owner of Global Estate Realty became inspired to start his business by his older brother who is a successful businessman. His brother told him that all it took was one good idea to have the ability to reach every goal that you set for yourself. He realized that he didn’t have to be book smart to have the life that he dreamt of having. Luke wrestled with the idea of having a successful real estate website. By 2019, he was finally able to get funding and develop his website. Learn more about Luke at

About Global Estate Realty: Global Real Estate is the place where we bring buyers and sellers together on one online platform without the outrageous realtor fees. This is the best platform for the new movement in today’s market: For Sale by Owner. Global Estate Realty gives you complete control over your home sale success. Want to list your home for free online? Contact Global Estate Realty today!

Contact Info:

Name: Luke Torrie, CEO
Organization: Global Estate Realty
Address: 1918 St Regis Blvd, Dorval, QC H9P 1H6, Canada
Phone: (403) 795-9927