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If you’re someone who loves to express themselves through bling, you aren’t alone. In fact, the average American household can spend $647 on jewelry items in just one year!

Because the jewelry industry is such a large one, it can be a challenge to choose the right necklace or pair of bangles for your wardrobe. There are so many options, which can be overwhelming, but it also makes shopping a lot of fun if you’re willing to take the time to get to know yourself and your own sense of style!

Just as important, though, you’re going to need to do your research and determine which of the jewelry trends 2020 will bring are your favorite. You want to wear something that expresses your sense of style, but it’s crucial that it not be outdated!

Here, we’re going to help you select an accessory that’s both a perfect form of self-expression as well as being hip and trendy. Read on to get the ball rolling on choosing the perfect jewelry to ring in the new decade… pun fully intended.

Materials and Colors

Before looking into the specifics, it’s important to first answer the question of what basic materials and colors are popular right now. In this section, we’re going to investigate this important fashion question so you can start the new decade off right!

Rose Gold

I recent months, rose gold has become one of the most popular materials to make jewelry from. This makes sense- rose gold is a beautiful pink-yellow color and puts a unique spin on a popular metal. Many people believe rose gold to symbolize romance and love, so it’s the perfect gift for your special someone!

Rose gold is also more affordable than other types of gold because copper alloy, an inexpensive metal, is used to create the pink tinge that makes it unique. This doesn’t detract from the quality, though! It’s sturdy and goes well with a variety of different outfit colors and styles, making it very versatile.

Sterling Silver

Though rose gold has risen in popularity, sterling silver is a classic that never goes out of style. Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is very sturdy and can be fashioned into pretty much any type of jewelry you can think of. The color complements pretty much any outfit, too!

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Another great thing about sterling silver is that the high-quality metal is unlikely to irritate your skin when it rubs up against it. Furthermore, it’s a strong material to make jewelry chains out of that won’t break when snagged against something small.

The World in Black and White…

Going into 2020, black and white jewelry is going to be all the rage! Minimalism has been an incredibly popular concept and way of life in 2019, and it looks like it’s only going to get bigger after the new year. A monochrome palette definitely makes you look classy while retaining minimalist fashion values.

Black and white jewelry is great because it goes with anything. There are no rules as to what you can wear these pieces with! Whether you want to go entirely grayscale or use your favorite pearl necklace as an accent to a colorful outfit, there’s a great style for you involving these pieces.

…And in Screaming Color

One of our favorite things to do with black and white jewelry is to wear them with a fully monochrome outfit with one pop of color. This could mean a bright blue scarf or a sunny yellow crossbody bag.

On the other hand, color jewelry is also amazing for providing a pop of color against similar outfits. Imagine wearing a bright ruby or sparkling green emerald around your throat while donning your favorite black and white power suit.

Pretty awesome image, right? You bet it’ll help you stay classy going into the new Roaring 20s.

Trends and Styles

Now that you know some of the most trendy materials that can be used to make your accessories and what colors are en vogue, it’s time to look into what specific styles are “in” right now. Read on to learn some 2020 jewelry trends that you can have fun putting a personal spin on!

Get Your Gatsby On

We briefly touched on how this is going to be the ‘new Roaring 20s’ in the last section, and we don’t take this back. We also don’t take the implications of this lightly. Seeing as the 1920s were a time of amazing fashion, bright colors, and sparkling accessories, the Roaring 20s Part 2 really need to step it up.

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One way to do this is to popularize vintage accessories (and knockoffs of these antique pieces, for the more financially conscious.) It looks like this is going to happen on its own, but it’s definitely a trend that’s important to bring even further into the limelight.

Red, teal, orange, and sage beads were the most popular colors at this time, and one couldn’t own enough long strands of pearls or beaded necklaces that came down to the navel. Hairpins and feather-lined headbands were also a popular trend, so check out some of those when you want something to go with your Deco style earrings!

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching various types of jewelry has also been a growing trend recently, and it’s about to explode in the new year. Before we can get into talking more about this, it’s crucial that we stress that mixing and matching does not equal clashing. Avoid clashing colors and creating an eyesore- it’ll never be popular and will always be a major fashion don’t!

That being said, this is going to be a decade that’s all about asymmetry. One of the most obvious ways this is happening is with mismatched earrings. Whether you want to mix and match shapes or colors, you can’t go wrong with a mismatched earring set. Try wearing one long earring and one stud for added awesome!

Stylish Spheres

Another fashion trend that’s coming back from the last century is spherical charms. These balls come in all different sizes and can be made from silver, rose gold, or whatever other metal strikes your fancy. They also can be made of stone if you want to show off your class or plastic if you want to show off your funk. Really, anything spherical is ‘in’ if you’re creative!

One spherical jewelry trend that we absolutely support are crystal (or sapphire or ruby or aquamarine) balls that are encased with a frame of ornamented metal. These make awesome charms at the end of a long beaded necklace or wonderful dangling earrings.

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Keep It Charming

Remember the BFF charm bracelets that you and your bestie may have worn back in grade school? The ones with charms that you selected together dangling off the chains? Nostalgic, right?

Well, that’s a trend that’s coming back. While you may not use them as friendship bracelets (though why not do that? Bestie bracelets are fun at all ages!), charm bracelets are becoming extremely popular again. You can choose your charms based off things that you love- books, dragons, or even simply colors and patterns that you like to wear.

You can also DIY charm bracelets easily! There are tons of beads you can get to express yourself via charm bracelet, so why not try it out? For added fun, you can also make charm necklaces to match what’s around your wrist!


Another trend that’s coming back to the limelight is chokers. These come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from leather or lace depending on what your preferred style is.

Many people like chokers that are a single strap of black leather, perhaps with a buckle in the middle- which is an awesome throwback to your emo middle school days. While this is a fun style to wear, beaded chokers are an excellent way to wear a choker with a more adult spin. You can wear these pretty much anywhere and they go with all kinds of other accessories, too.

Get in on Jewelry Trends 2020

Choosing the perfect accessories for your wardrobe is an amazingly fun task, so why wait? Get started shopping for some amazing pieces of jewelry to flash at work, on dates, and in social environments while heading into the new decade!

Now that you know some of the best jewelry trends 2020 will bring, it’s time to learn more about fashion going into the new decade! Check out the ‘accessories’ tab on our page to learn more about what jewelry you’ll want to get when ringing in the new year. You’ll also learn about how to pair it with scarves, shoes, purses, and more!

Stay stylish!