If 2018 was the year of HIIT, 2019 is all about LIIT as one of the hottest fitness trends across the country.

Why is it different from other programs?

Simple answer: intensity level. A work out doesn’t have to be super intense or scary. You can turn any workout into LIIT.
Similar to HIIT, LIIT includes difficult intervals followed by easier intervals. The difference is the rest period between intervals and the ability to change difficult exercises. A good workout routine would include both HIIT and LIIT components, but you should adjust the program to meet you fitness needs and level.

Make it work for you

LIIT can be just as effective as HIIT for burning calories and weight loss. The key is to do LIIT for a longer time. For example, you would need to put in 40 minutes of work to replace one 20-minute session of HIIT.
Looking for increased mobility, strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility? LIIT combines cardio and strength components and is less vigorous.

No age or fitness limits

LIIT works for all ages and fitness levels. It’s easier on joints and improves cognitive health. It’s also good for people who want lower intensity workouts, those recovering from an injury or individuals getting started on a fitness journey.
Although LIIT and HIIT provide similar health benefits, the best options depend on age, health status, fitness level, goals and time.