Tasty camp-food enthusiast Easy Campfire Recipes provides high-quality recipes that even the most inexperienced chef can craft with very little stress. Cory Doggett shares the impetus behind Easy Campfire Recipes’s service, challenging campers, young and old, to expand their definition of what camp food can be.


Odessa, TX, August 21, 2020 — The outdoor food gurus at Easy Campfire Recipes transform delicious recipes from complex to simple, providing the gourmet outdoor experience that their followers crave.

Located at easycampfirerecipes.com, Easy Campfire Recipes crafts straightforward recipes that aim to improve the quality, both general and gustatory, of camp food. Rather than relying on variations of the same old fare, like oatmeal and granola, or various canned/salted meats — options which, while efficient in providing nutrients and energy for hiking and outdoor, don’t exactly excite the palate, or, for that matter, the bowels — instead of settling for those less than gourmet methods, Easy Campfire Recipes has synthesized a variety of culinary delights. These recipes are simple to make and a joy to eat, from the umami-packed “Camp Stove Shaking Beef” dish to the Greekly refreshing “Campfire Chicken Kebabs with Tzatkiki.”

These dishes are the most apt illustration of Easy Campfire Recipes’s two driving forces: camping and eating. “We love to camp, and we love to eat, so providing folks who share that camping love with food that does taste really good … we like to say that good food makes the difference between an ok camping trip and an amazing camping trip, and we want to be the ones who make your trip amazing.” That’s Easy Campfire spokesperson Cory Doggett, camping and culinary enthusiast, who has broken down Easy Campfire’s method for making camp food delicious. “We’re very clear on our recipes for what you will need and what you can just leave at home. We tell you exactly what you need to do once you actually get cooking onsite, and also what you should do at home before you go. It’s like the Boy Scouts: be prepared.”

Preparation plays a key role in Easy Campfire Recipes’ work. As does presentation, if their Instagram account is anything to go by. If these meals taste half as good as they look, Easy Campfire will have done their job and then some. “We think that food tastes best when you can enjoy every aspect, and camp food is no exception.” Cory Doggett. “After a long hike, what tastes better than a well-crafted, good-looking, and great-tasting meal? Not much.”

All About Easy Campfire Recipes: Easy Campfire Recipes believes that good food is the difference between an okay camping trip and an amazing camping trip. The traditional camp food experience — with its high percentage of unhealthy processed foods which tend to take their revenge in a matter of hours — concerned Easy Campfire, inspiring them to bring great taste and simple, but pleasing, style to the camp food experience.

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