recently launched to provide readers with informative articles and product reviews about outdoor sports and hobbies. They understand the benefits of spending time outside and specialize in content for hunting, winter gear, camping, hiking, water gear, summer sports, and skiing. Product reviews include pictures, details and specifications, and links to buy the items directly on Amazon. The reviewer will also break down the pros and cons of each product. Get Active Outside will continue posting articles teaching people how to get the most out of nature and inspire them to get moving. Learn more at


BANGOR, ME, June 15, 2020 — Do you love being outdoors and staying active? recently launched to provide you with articles and product reviews on outdoor sports and hobbies.

The founder of Get Active Outside understands the importance of spending time outside. Being in nature can improve your mental and physical health, and it can help bring families together through a weekend of hiking, kayaking, skiing, and more. 

“Whether you just started pushing yourself to get outside or you’re a seasoned outdoors person, our website will provide you with valuable information and resources,” said Justin Stewart, founder of Get Active Outside. “We want to teach our readers how to get the most out of nature and inspire them to get moving.”

With summer fast approaching, Get Active Outside has reviews for the best rollerblades, rollerskates, longboards, and inline skates. They’ve also posted articles on “How to Boogie Board like a Pro,” “What Size Kayak Do I Need,” and “How to Canoe.” For people desiring a more relaxing summer, they have reviews of the best hammocks and inflatable loungers.

Don’t worry if fall or winter are more of your seasons. Get Active Outside has articles on camping, hunting, and winter gear.

Their outdoor product reviews include pictures, specifications and details, and links to purchase the item on Amazon. Their reviewers will break down each product and give you the pros and cons. Articles with tips on enjoying the great outdoors will also feature recommendations. 

“Our hope is that we become a go-to resource for adventurers and families. Our site recently launched but we will continue posting informative resources,” said Stewart. “We also encourage readers to reach out if they have specific questions or have something they would like to see.”

Start exploring today. Click on the “About” section of their website to send a direct message. 

ABOUT GET ACTIVE OUTSIDE: was created with the intention of covering a wide variety of activities that get people outside and enjoying nature. Whether you are new to the world of outdoor sports or you’re looking for some more information about your favorite activities, we are here to help. From product reviews to informational articles that give you tips and tricks on how to maximize the fun on your next camping trip, how to start a fire, or how to snowmobile, we have something for everyone. Learn more at

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