Gerlt Technologies, a guitar effects developer based in Dallas, has developed a modular rack effects system for guitar and bass that is now available in more than two hundred and fifty configurations, and will be rolling the product line later this year. 


Dallas, TX, March 4, 2020 – Over the last several years, Gerlt Technologies, of Dallas, TX, has been quietly developing a full suite of guitar rack effects, and, in preparation for a production release scheduled for later this year, has begun test marketing its product line at major guitar shows in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Nashville.

Many guitar players might remember rack effects from years ago. There were very few to choose from, they were big, they were expensive, and you usually wouldn’t consider modifying them.  Gerlt Technologies does it differently.

There are many rack effects benefits. For a start, they have many, many effects to choose from. And the modular design means that you can still freely mix in pedals and third party effects into your rack effects setup if you want to. The modular design also lets you put multiple effects into a 3U rack space, and then configure them any way you want, using the many available options. Everything connects just like your pedals, with the addition of only the simple plug and play switching cables. There’s nothing new to learn, and no programming.

But the best part is the cost. The average standard configuration costs under $200, which makes it comparable in price to a good pedal. And the initial cost to get started is roughly the same as the cost of a good pedalboard, a power supply, and that switching system you either already have, or have been thinking about getting.

Gerlt Technologies is always introducing new effect modules, but with approximately two hundred and thirty-five module configurations currently completed, and with more on the way, the range is broad enough that most players should be able to get what they need to put their entire effects chain in a rack.

The effects Gerlt Technologies has developed include many of the most popular, rare, or under-appreciated effects of all time. And they still build them “old school,” using a mix of vintage and modern parts. But these modules aren’t simply the same old effects, warmed up and served in a new format. The modular rack mounting design provides more room to work with, and many options for changes and improvements. And they have completely different power and remote switching subsystems. But since there is more space to work with, the boards offer direct support for customization, options, and modifications that are either unavailable in a pedal format, or require expensive modifications, and which sometimes result in controls that can be difficult to use.

All those mods you might want to make to a pedal can simply be ordered and built-in. We have hundreds of such options, and many cost nothing extra. All this allows you to get the sound and control you want, and has the added benefit of making old effects new and interesting again. Or maybe useful to you for the first time.

Come to the Dallas International Guitar Festival on May 1-3 and try them out for yourself.

About the Company: Gerlt Technologies is a guitar and bass rack effects developer based in Dallas.

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Name: Bill Gerlt
Address: Dallas, TX, USA
Phone: (214) 507-3620
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