George Trail offers various translation services to clients, translating from both French and German to English all from the comfort of his own home.


Crowthorne, UK, 26 May 2021– Language barriers can be a real hassle to deal with. Not being able to understand something because it is in a different language can lead to inconvenience. 

George Trail Translator is here to help you surpass that language barrier! George graduated from the University of Kent in 2005 with a degree in French and German. In addition to a year of studying at the University of Poitiers in France, he also has taken postgraduate classes in translation at the University of Portsmouth.

“My extensive educational background has really helped me excel in the field of translation,” remarked Trail.

George now offers a wide variety of translation services, both in German and French translate. George provides many different translation services, including basic German to English and French to English.

There are many different fields of the language in which George can help translate. These areas include technical, legal, financial, medical, and document translations.

George also provides proofreading and live translation services.

Unlike many other translators, George has a very unique quality policy. In his policy, George acknowledges that there is no clear-cut way to translate something, and this can at times make translation tricky. Despite this, George is committed to taking the time to assure your translations are of the utmost quality and accuracy. 

“I may have five years of study of French, German, and translation studies at three universities under my belt but this still is a career that succeeds in challenging the limits of my knowledge and reasoning from time to time,” said Trail.

Another unique tool that George Trail utilizes is his translation calculator. This tool helps potential clients get a good estimate as to the cost of translation services. 

First, clients select the two languages that are to be translated. Once the content information of the document along with the word count are put into the calculator, you can see how much it will cost. 

To help clients understand George’s work better, there is also a frequently asked questions section along with a blog, where George discusses various topics related to his work. 

There is also a contact section where you can inquire about specific questions. Simply enter in your contact information, write your message, and George will get in contact with you in no time. 

Overall, if you are looking for a local French translator, nobody is more dedicated to their work than George Trail. For more information, visit his website at

About George Trail Translation Services: George Trail Translation Services has been providing customers throughout the UK, and the world, with quality translation services for a number of years now. He has years of experience and you can trust that he can translate anything from French to English. George also translates German to English.

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