The UK-based thermal inspection service provider is commemorating 20 years of partnering with leading energy companies for innovative and dynamic inspection and maintenance solutions. It collaborates with companies in renewables, offshore, maritime and industrial sectors to offer thermal imaging, specialist inspections, and condition monitoring services.


Southwold, UK, 11 August 2022— Geotherm Ltd is celebrating 20 years of business in thermographic IRT surveys, special inspections, and condition monitoring (CBM). The Reydon-based company has worked with leading energy companies in the renewable, offshore, maritime and industrial sectors to offer them innovative and dynamic inspections and maintenance solutions. It offers thermal imaging inspections on a regional, national and global scale.

“We are happy to commemorate twenty years of business with leading energy companies to provide credible and compliant thermal imaging, special inspections and condition monitoring services. Since 2002, we have been providing value to businesses through our progressive process, always aiming to support the needs of our clients,” said Tony Dale, the managing director of Geo Therm Ltd.

The company is an industry leader known for providing Thermal inspections in the UK and beyond, with an outstanding track record. It provides invaluable and impartial advice to clients, relaying pertinent Infrared (IR) information in real-time for various renewable, offshore, maritime, and oil and gas applications.

Dale reiterates that continued client support and unparalleled services have contributed to the business’s longevity.

“The business is based on reliability, service due diligence, and a rapid mobilisation response delivering real time cost effective results that ensures asset utility and energy security- the annual repeat of business and service longevity is a testament to the confidence that our partners have in Geo Therm Ltd and its staff,” added Dale.

Geo Therm Ltd is also a leader in Infared Window inspections for the construction industry. It prides itself in offering professional inspection services to support the construction sectors and help clients comply with periodic maintenance requirements. Moreover, the company is a proud East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) member and has the needed experience working with energy companies.

The company offers other valuable renewables, offshore, oil and gas, and maritime services. These services include: 

● High voltage partial discharge (HVPD) inspections

● Hazardous-areas electrical ex inspections

● Acoustic ultrasonic leak tightness testing for ship doors

● Hatches and compressed air/hydrocarbon leak inspections

● Supply and installation of electrical maintenance safety devices

As they celebrate this milestone, the company promises to continue delivering quality inspections: professional, impartial reports, and quality CBM services throughout the UK. Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East.

About Geo Therm Ltd:

Geo Therm Ltd is an innovative and dynamic inspections and maintenance solutions provider, working in partnership with leading energy companies in the UK and beyond. It provides non-invasive maritime and onshore thermographic IRT surveys, first pass high voltage partial discharge (HVPD) inspections, hazardous-areas Ex inspections, PAT testing, hatch tightness testing, infrared windows inspection, and compressed air leak surveys. The company also supplies personnel for wind turbine maintenance.

Contact Information:

Name: Tony Dale
Organization: Geo Therm Ltd
Address: Unit 2 Fountain Way, Reydon Business Park, Reydon, Southwold, IP18 6SZ
Phone number:01502 723241