Geo Therm Ltd is thrilled to announce its comprehensive thermal imaging surveys and inspection services. The company provides real-time thermal imaging solutions which streamline diagnostics, reduce costs, and eliminate the need for component disassembly. Geo Therm Ltd offers a global reach while maintaining unwavering performance, compliance, and reliability standards.


United Kingdom, September 18, 2023— Geo Therm Ltd, a name synonymous with excellence in thermal imaging surveys and inspections, continues to set the standard in the industry. With 20 years of engineering excellence, Geo Therm Ltd proudly provides cutting-edge thermal imaging services that contribute to cost savings, uptime security, and enhanced production across various sectors.

Thermal imaging is a game-changer in the world of inspections. Its real-time nature, speed, and remarkable ability to significantly reduce diagnostic time and the final cost of corrective actions sets it apart. Unlike traditional methods, there’s no need to disassemble components for testing. This efficiency is at the heart of Geo Therm Ltd’s mission to transform how we approach maintenance and safety.

“At Geo Therm Ltd, we understand the importance of preventing costly outages and reactive maintenance,” says Tony Dale, Managing Director at Geo Therm Ltd. “Our thermal imaging and condition monitoring inspections are designed to do just that – enhance production and asset longevity by proactively identifying equipment anomalies without the need for system shutdown.”

Geo Therm Ltd is renowned as a leading third-party inspection service provider. Their condition monitoring techniques support clients in various sectors, including Renewables, maritime, offshore, and industrial, by offering a clear view of plant conditions through proactive surveillance. This visibility not only prevents costly disruptions but also extends the lifespan of critical assets.

Geo Therm Ltd’s comprehensive range of services includes:

– Thermal Imaging Inspections

– First-pass High Voltage Partial Discharge Inspections

– Hazardous-area Electrical Ex Inspections

– Factory Electrical Inspections

– Acoustic Ultrasound Tightness Testing of Ship and Superyacht Enclosures

– Factory Compressed Air Leak Inspections

– PAT Testing

What distinguishes Geo Therm Ltd from others is its commitment to meeting client needs. They conduct condition monitoring inspections tailored to client preventive maintenance programs, classification requirements, insurance prerequisites, and warranty concerns. This dedication to excellence ensures that clients receive inspections that align with their specific goals and standards.

Headquartered in the UK, Geo Therm Ltd boasts a professional team with the expertise to conduct thermal imaging inspections and surveys across the country and globally. With satellite offices in Florida, Dubai, and Brisbane, Australia, Geo Therm Ltd can provide services on a national and worldwide scale.

Geo Therm Ltd’s reputation is built on a foundation of performance, compliance, and reliability. They are not just an inspection service but partners in ensuring a safer, more efficient world for their clients.

About Geo Therm Ltd:

Geo Therm Ltd is a leading provider of thermal imaging surveys and inspections with 20 years of engineering excellence. Headquartered in the UK, the company offers services across various sectors, including renewable energy, marine, offshore, and industrial. With a commitment to performance, compliance, and reliability, Geo Therm Ltd continues to transform the industry by proactively ensuring the safety and efficiency of critical assets worldwide.

Contact Information:

Organization: Geo Therm Ltd

Contact Person: Tony Dale

Phone Number: 01502 723241

Address: Unit 2 Fountain Way, Reydon Business Park, Reydon, Southwold, IP18 6SZ, United Kingdom