Many men struggle when it comes to gift-giving. Gentleman Jeweler’s unique process guides men through discovering her style to surprise her with the perfect jewelry gift.


Houston, TX, January 19, 2021 – Entrepreneur Julien Roubaud started Gentleman Jeweler to help men improve something he personally struggled with – giving his wife thoughtful and meaningful gifts.  

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for your wife, you should browse Gentleman Jeweler’s online collection. Featuring a unique Find Her Style quiz, Gentleman Jeweler allows men to figure out what style of jewelry the woman they are shopping for enjoys. This makes it much easier to choose the jewelry that she’ll definitely love.

The idea behind the brand came when Roubaud struggled finding jewelry for his own wife. As he puts it, “I found that jewelry aided me in expressing my love. The beauty, history, and value of fine jewelry make it the perfect medium to embody that which we struggle to put into words. Yet, I felt something was lacking… Men shop differently than women, and I for one found that browsing through hundreds of pictures got me further from my goal. I wanted to find pieces that matched my wife’s style, but then discovered a whole new problem – I didn’t actually know what my wife’s style was.”

This problem seems to be the norm amongst many men. Finding gift ideas for wife is a major struggle for husbands. Men want to find a way to express their love and can never figure out what’s the perfect item to choose.  

Going beyond just finding her style, Gentleman Jeweler also has personalization options like gemstone selection and engraving.  As Julien describes it, “I believe there are three steps every man should follow when giving a gift.  The first is understanding what the gift recipient likes, and for that, we created Find Her Style.  The second is making the gift personal, for example, if you took a romantic trip to the Grand Canyon, Turquoise jewelry is a way to make a personal connection since some of the finest Turquoise is mined in Arizona.  The third, which is often overlooked is the actual presentation of the gift.  How the gift is wrapped and how the gift is given matters – and we’re here to help coach men through all of these steps so that they deliver something memorable.” 

Jewelry items are always adored by women. They wear it to complement their style and as a way of making a statement. When a woman wears fine jewelry, she will get asked about it. This gives her an opportunity to show how much her man loves her. 

If you are looking for a great piece of jewelry for your wife, fiancee, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or sister, or if you need jewelry ideas for an anniversary, we are here to help you. Visit our online catalog today and take our quiz. You can also call us at (888) 753-3253 for a free consultation.

About Gentleman Jeweler: Julien Roubaud realized that there’s one thing that men have a challenge doing. The challenge that men face is expressing their emotions. This helped birth Gentleman Jeweler. The online jewelry retailer helps men find great pieces of jewelry to express their love. It’s great for gentlemen who want to understand their wives’ style and complement them with personalized jewelry.

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