GeekR is thrilled to announce the launch of a revolutionary matchmaking and friendship app. The app allows geeks and gamers worldwide to have a dedicated platform to discover like-minded individuals who share their passions and interests. GEEKR opens up a world of possibilities for genuine relationships and lifelong friendships within the vibrant world of geeks.


Broward County, FL, May 14, 2024— The world of online dating and friendship apps is vast but often frustratingly superficial. Many platforms rely heavily on generic profiles and a shallow “swipe right, swipe left” approach, leaving users feeling unseen and misunderstood. This is especially true for geeks and gamers, whose passions and interests often go far deeper than the surface level. Enters GEEKR, a revolutionary new app designed to bridge the gap between the online world and a user’s true geek identity.

According to a recent study by TechCrunch, a mere 12 percent of users on traditional dating apps have found meaningful relationships. This staggering statistic underscores a glaring gap in matchmaking – the inability to connect individuals based on their true interests and shared geeky pursuits. Recognizing this void, GEEKR steps in to fill the void, offering a refreshing alternative for geeks seeking love or platonic connections within their fandoms.

Geeks inhabit a rich and diverse universe brimming with fantastical adventures and boundless imagination. However, when it comes to forging meaningful relationships within this realm, traditional dating apps fall short. GEEKR aims to change that narrative by providing a platform where geeks can authentically express themselves and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for gaming, comics, movies, and more.

“I created GEEKR because I was tired of going on dating apps that showed none of my interests. My app will guide those who have similar likes in the different genres of fandom and gaming to connect and create lifelong friendships and more,” shares the founder of GEEKR, and a self-proclaimed geek.

GEEKR offers a user-friendly interface where creating a profile is as easy as selecting an avatar, adding a bio, specifying geographical location, and listing the top three interests. Unlike generic tags on other platforms, GEEKR’s matching algorithm is tailored to the nuances of geek culture, allowing users to connect with others across a diverse range of fandoms, from Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh to Stranger Things and beyond.

Whether you’re searching for your Player 2 or simply looking to expand your geeky social circle, GEEKR has you covered. Users can create or join groups based on shared interests, organize game nights, or embark on epic quests to meet new friends with similar passions. For the more reserved geeks, GEEKR also offers the option to anonymously create a profile, ensuring privacy while still enabling meaningful connections.

“With GEEKR, expressing your mood is as simple as changing your profile or avatar colors, allowing you to showcase your personality and interests with flair. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or whimsical, GEEKR lets you express yourself authentically in a welcoming community of fellow geeks,” the GEEKR founder adds.

Download the GEEKR app for free today on iPhone and Android and embark on a journey to find your forever love or forge lifelong friendships within the vibrant world of geeks.

About GeekR:

GEEKR is a revolutionary new matchmaking and friendship app designed specifically for geeks and gamers around the globe. The app allows users to connect based on shared fandoms, interests, and a love for all things nerdy. GEEKR empowers users to express themselves authentically and find meaningful connections within the vast geek and gaming community.

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