Beth Gearhart has been a compensation attorney for many years and will fight to get everyday workers the compensation they deserve.


Roswell, GA, January 22, 2021 – The everyday workers of America are the backbone of our country, so when accidents happen, it is only just that they are looked after. When it comes to workers compensation in Atlanta, nobody fights harder than Beth Gearhart and the Gearhart Law group. Beth Gearhart has been rated the top workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta and has been practicing law for more than twenty years.

Gearhart has valuable experience that not many others have; a point of view from the other side. Beth began her career working as a defense attorney for the insurance companies. She has since switched sides on the matter and uses her former experiences to her advantage. “I can pretty much figure out what kind of defenses they are going to use based on my experience, which is very helpful when I am handling claims,” says Gearhart.

Gearhart Law Group has released a new, easy to navigate website. It is here you can learn all about the workers’ compensation process in the great state of Georgia. The website also contains a blog, where users can read about everything relating to workers’ compensation. Driving directions to the office are even included to ensure you don’t get lost!

Gearhart Law Group practices in a variety of areas including workers’ compensation, as well as foot, ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, arm, and back injuries. Going to battle in court can be a big task to take on, and for this reason, a frequently asked questions section has been added to put your worries to rest. 

To instill their good standing reputation as compensation attorneys, the law group has also included a testimonials page, so you can hear from real people who benefitted from the legal advice of the Gearhart Law Group. 

While the Gearhart Law Group operates mainly in the Atlanta area, they serve multiple cities across the state of Georgia. In upholding high moral standards in working with injured workers, if Beth cannot settle your claim, she will not collect a fee from you. Furthermore, there is no upfront fee for her services. “I respect all the effort our workers put in, and that is why I decided to pursue workers compensation,” said Beth. 

The hours of operation for the Gearhart Law Group are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can schedule a free consultation to ensure that Gearhart Law Group is the right fit for you. Call and schedule your free consultation today!

About Gearhart Law Group: Beth Gearhart has been practicing law for over two decades. Originally working as a defense attorney for the insurance companies, she has since switched sides and now fights for the workers. Gearhart Law Group operates out of Roswell, Georgia, and serves many cities across the state of Georgia. For more information, visit their website at

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