GarageSaleIt has developed a unique and innovative online marketplace where sellers and buyers can trade secondhand and slightly used household items in a whole new way. Matching the traditional physical yard sale, GarageSaleIt offers a platform to de-clutter a whole house at the one time and in the one place and categorises their goods via rooms and areas of the house. Looking for a book, check out the Library. Looking for baby things, check out the Nursery. This innovative approach encourages buyers to browse more widely and with no commissions on sale payable, rewards sellers with more cash back in their pockets


Victoria, AUS, 27 February 2022 – GarageSaleIt has devised a way to allow sellers to declutter items from a whole house and simply and easily connect these sellers to buyers with a passion for preloved goods. The company provides a unique experience where sellers sell their slightly used goods to buyers in yard sale fashion. Similar to a live yard sale, the platform is structured for listing many and varied items together and at the one time and then goods are uniquely categorized into rooms to help buyers narrow down their search. For instance, if a buyer wants a second-hand couch, they will search on the living room page, baby items are in the nursery. All items are grouped as they would be at a live garage sale where like items, or similar room items are displayed together.

GarageSaleIt, its purpose-built structure, its room-based categories and ability to list many items quickly and easily is an amazing alternative for shy sellers or sellers who cannot, or do not want to host a physical yard sale in their garage. Importantly, the site also provides improved personal privacy and security while also resembling a physical yard sale in that sellers only need to pay a small fee to put up their goods for sale.

“GarageSaleIt is your one-stop marketplace to sell and find all your pre-loved and gently used goods and treasures. It is your community platform purposely built to hold your normal garage sales online,” explains Sara McGuire, Founder of GarageSaleIt.

The demand for pre-loved goods continues to rise as consumers focus more on sustainable purchasing and the careful management of household finances becomes more important. As other platforms and websites are increasingly new product focused and charge exorbitant fees that reduce the funds actually received by sellers, GarageSaleIt wants the second-hand goods trade to benefit both the seller and buyer. That is why they charge competitive and minimal fees that encourage sellers to put up their treasures for sale.
“While other marketplaces are increasingly charging higher commissions and fees for sellers to sell their goods, we at GarageSaleIt do everything we can to ensure the sellers get good value for their treasures. Our options are straightforward and incredibly cost-effective,” reiterates McGuire.

The online garagesale startup also involves the local community by raising awareness of the importance of reusing and recycling goods. Members of the community can organize thrift shops and fundraisers online, encouraging buyers to reuse items that are still in good shape instead of going for brand new items.

Moreover, GarageSaleIt helps buyers shop locally and to locate nearby yard sales through a yard sale near me page. Buyers can filter their searches by distance from me, location, ratings, reviews, quality of goods, etc.

Buying and selling on the online marketplace is safe, and customers are assured that their personal details are protected from third parties.

“We provide the technology behind the GarageSaleIt marketplace, helping buyers and sellers connect and exchange safely on the site. Keeping those connections safe, fun, and secure is our priority,” advises McGuire.

About GarageSaleIt: GarageSaleIt is an online marketplace for sellers and buyers to exchange pre-loved goods and secondhand household items. The platform allows sellers to put up their goods on sale at a fee, while the buyers get a chance to browse their preferred searches through room categories such as the living room, bathroom, baby nursery, etc. The site has been developed to help real people and organizations connect over their love of gently-used and pre-loved goods.

Contact Information:

Name: Sara McGuire
Organisation: GarageSaleIt
Address: Williamstown, Victoria, Australia
Phone: +61 3 8372 0206