Developed by lawyers, is the internet’s #1 data search platform providing the public with reliable and affordable officially-sourced data and records, including background checks, criminal reports, and more.


Covington, LA, April 13, 2020 – As citizens, Americans deserve the truth. But all too often, their search for the truth leads to shady online sources that provide unreliable information to unsuspecting victims. Worst of all, perhaps, is the unbelievably high prices that many of the internet’s most popular search sites and sources charge the public in exchange for data and records that may or may not contain even a single ounce of truth.

Well, not anymore.

If you’re among the millions of Americans in search of the truth, you’re in luck. Now, thanks to, your search is over. is the all-new online search platform that delivers affordable, accurate data to the public with just a few clicks. Developed by lawyers and professionals, aims to provide the public with reliable background reports and criminal records without the high price tag that other, less-credible sites and sources often charge. Fueled by their mutual frustration at the lack of publicly-accessible data and records, the founders of set out to design something different.  

Originally developed to target lawyers and legal professionals, is now the public’s #1 source of officially-sourced data, available to internet users today. Whether you are looking for a background report or criminal record, you can trust to deliver quality-sourced information that you can trust at a price that you can afford. visitors can perform a thorough background check with just a few simple clicks of a mouse. And, Official Report is easy to navigate and offers clear, concise findings in a format that is user-friendly, fast, and close-to-free.

While there are many other sites out there, you won’t find the level of professional, highly-qualified results available to the public that is available to visitors at

In the past, it might take hours, or even years, of searching to uncover factual criminal records and background reports. But, now, anyone can obtain officially-sourced documents in just minutes. The program originally designed to save legal teams both time and money is now the public’s leading platform for reliable, high-quality search records.

Through their simple, user-friendly platform, aims to provide the public with unbelievably-accurate background report data and criminal records without ever leaving home. If you are tired of searching for the truth and coming up short, trust, the site developed by lawyers, now available to the public, to deliver the results you are searching for. 

About Official Report, LLC: Developed by lawyers, is the internet’s leading source of accurate, reliable data, criminal records, and background reports.

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