(British Virgin Islands, 14 August 2020)Forex rebates or Forex cashback is the refund of a portion of the spread or commission paid to a broker on our transaction. By using Forex cashback system, the spreads or commissions that you have already paid will be refunded to you in part by using Forex rebates system.

Forex rebate is an additional income which allows the trader to increase the profit or reduces loss of each transaction as forex cashback given for profit or loss condition.

Rebate amount depends on three things:

  • Rebates rate of broker you choose;
  • Currency pair you are trading; and
  • The volume and the amount of the transaction.

Now, what is rebate? A rebate is the portion of interest or dividends earned by the owner (lender) of a stock that is paid by a short seller (borrower) of the stock. The borrower is required to pay interest and dividends to the owner. Short selling requires a margin account. Rebate is a term used in short-selling, which is selling securities that a trader does not own. In order to sell a stock that isn’t owned, the trader must borrow the stock in order to deliver it to the buyer.

Costs are equally important like profits in any business. In the world of trading, one is not always going to make a profit, but one will always have costs. For this reason, traders need to always explore ways to reduce their costs.

Forex rebates are paid to clients in several ways. Rebates are sometimes held by the rebate provider and withdrawn on a monthly basis by the client. In other cases, the rebate is paid daily into the trader’s trading account.

When one links a new or existing forex trading account to our forex cashback programme the broker pays us part of their spread or commission profit for every trade one makes as compensation for referring a customer to them. We then share the majority of our revenue with our customer, paying him or her a cash rebate for each trade he or she makes as thank them for signing up with us.

Of course, if you follow all the basic rules and don’t let cashback really affect your forex trading, forex rebate is a highly recommended cost saving method for you. Here are some advantages of using forex rebates.

  1. You are rewarded every time you make a trade. No matter you win or lose, you get rebates. If you are a day trader, which is fairly common among forex traders, you possibly make numerous trades a day. As you pay commission to your broker, forex cashback can also be credited back to your account as auto rebates.

  2. Forex cashback helps you to trade more profitably. Even if you are on a bad run, losing lots of money, rebates will help you get some of your money back. According to our calculations, an average trader could trade 30% more profitable annually, with forex rebate. (depending on the frequency of trades)

  3. Although forex cashback is generally for new accounts you can still get for existing account at several brokers. So, if you have already signed up for a forex broker, you might get cashback for existing account, or you can create a new account at the same, or with some other broker tied with Us.

  4. You might get some great bonuses with signing up for a broker. This can boost your forex rebates a lot. Plus, there are several tools offered by fxtriangle that can boost trading performance in the long run.

  5. Apart from getting rebates, the more you trade, You can be entitled to get a chunk of. Our forex bonus promo, where a user can get upto 250$ of free withdrawable rebates. To sum up, forex rebates are for everybody and they are a definite must for a serious forex trader. It’s free and absolutely secure without any risks. If you got interested in forex rebates you are in an absolutely good place. Open an account right now and start getting the highest rebates on the market.


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