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BVI, April 6, 2022— Dedicated to helping clients achieve better trading results, Fxtriangle highlights the availability of their Managed Account Trading services. Forex Managed accounts service is offered by Fxtriangle and is for those individuals or private concerns who want to invest in the vast Forex market through regulated dealers without paying any fees Upfront.

The service provided by our team consists of the creation of separate risk profiles for individual customers and then detailing the Expected risk vs Reward ratio for a specified tenure. This platform allows investors to connect and use the services with professional traders.

All forex managed accounts us handled through Fxtriangle are operated through M.A.M and P.A.M. technology, where money managers trade on larger pools of funds, rather than trading individual accounts. This offers an array of advantages over more traditional methods of portfolio management. “Some of the specific benefits offered by Fxtriangle managed trading fx services include the fact that money managers are trading on large pools of money, faster block order execution achieved thanks to Fixed API, institutional level market depth achieved, and risk is diversified across all the sub-accounts,” stated Fxtriangle spokesperson MD REZA. “With our services, there’s no management fee, and the only payment we receive is a performance fee that ranges from 25 to 35 percent of net profits, which is calculated using the industry standard High Watermark Method. With our managed services, no profits, no fee.”

The profits earned are added cumulatively to the initial investment made, which means the investment grows progressively, even after the performance fee has been taken. Unlike more traditional banks, the targeted returns of this company are around 15 percent per month. “Our team is made up of experienced professionals who aren’t new to the world of investments and trading,” continued Reza. “Our ultimate goal is to ensure each client finds success thanks to our managed trading accounts and we encourage anyone interested to contact us today.” Additional information about the services offered by Fxtriangle or to get started with us by visiting our website or contacting us through Phone and live chat.

ABOUT FXTRIANGLE: Fxtriangle (Capilliant Limited), is a technology-driven arena where Global investors and traders meet at the warehouse of evolutionary tools. Having started the journey since 2017, the company has improved available services drastically, tied with tier-1 brokers, expanded services from Asia pacific to across the globe. The company has now started custom-managed trading services using unmanaged AI trader. Company consisting of Established Officials handling this company efficiently over the years. The company has catered their services globally and adding up new partners every month. Currently managing about 34.9 million USD in assets across different brokers tied with the company.

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