New York buyers and sellers of hunting or farmland just got a strong partner on their side. Future Forest Realtors brings over 50 years of combined experience in land management and real estate brokerage to help parties find the ideal buyer or a piece of New York land they’ll love.


NAPLES, NY, Jun 29, 2020  –  “If you love to hunt, you know there’s nothing better than hunting on your own land. You don’t have to worry about other hunters getting in the way. You have a much bigger degree of control over the animal populations that reside there.” says Owner and Agent, Corey Figueiredo. Figueiredo started Future Forest Consulting Inc. in 1998, focused on accommodating sales needs of timberland clients. Now, with his business partner, Mike Keenan, who brings 29 years of New York real estate experience, they are launching Future Forest Realtors. It is a brokerage firm focused on connecting sellers and buyers of New York farm or hunting land. “With our proprietary database of over 3,000 clients and a continuous flow of high-quality NY land for sale, we’re excited to make farm and hunting land deals happen for our clients,” states Figueiredo. 

The team at Future Forest Realtors is well-equipped to consider all the important factors in finding the perfect hunting and farm property. For example, the buyer must consider whether they plan on building on the land they buy or use it only for recreational use. If the primary purpose is hunting, it’s important to inspect the land for animal signs and terrain type, to ensure it’ll attract game in the long-run. Other things to think about is proximity to home, accommodations for multi-day hunting trips, and other potential uses of land, such as fishing. Figueiredo and his team are experienced in consulting their clients to make every consideration, including tax exemptions and loans. Purchasing land is a major decision and there’s a lot more to it than just finding acres of land that meet the budget. 

“We bring a unique partnership to our clients. I’ve been in the forest industry since 1996 and understand the ins and outs of land management. My team brings over 50 years of experience in New York real estate. Combined, we’re excited to find the ideal buyers and ideal properties for our clients,” concludes Figueiredo. 

If you’re ready to find your own NY hunting land or an idyllic farm, browse exclusive NY land listings by Future Forest Realtors. You may also connect directly with the team at 585.374.6690. 

About Future Forest Realtors: Future Forest Realtors was formed to accommodate all of our clients’ sales needs. Partners Mike Keenan and Corey Figueiredo bring an unparalleled combination of real estate and forestry field knowledge. With both legal qualifications from a Real Estate Brokerage background and the experience of professional land management, we believe we are singularly equipped to assist with your land acquisition or sale. Learn more about Future Forest Realtors here.

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Corey Figueiredo, Owner, and Agent
Future Forest Realtors
108 N Main Street, Naples, NY 14512
Office: (585) 374-6690