From Me To You is a new app that creates meaningful giving opportunities by connecting people who wish to freely give possessions they own to people who need them. The app creates positive outcomes by promoting a sense of social connectedness and a feeling of well-being.


Broward County, FL, September 28, 2022 — In the last couple of years, our society has learned the power of being surrounded by a strong community that’s willing to help during times of need. One of humankind’s best traits is our infinite ability to give and share with others. Giving to others promotes a sense of trust and cooperation that strengthens your tie with your environment and allows you to develop a sense of belonging through these positive social interactions.

According to the World Giving Indexthe U.S. is the number one country in the world when it comes to donations. Many more of us wish to give but are not sure how and to whom in a safe and fully vetted way. Luckily for us, the revolutionary app, From Me To You, is here to create positive outcomes by connecting people who wish to freely give possessions they own to people who need them.

From Me To Youwas designed with the idea of Helping Communities Thrive through Giving, allowing people who wish to freely give the possessions they own to people who need them, places of worship or charitable organizations. The platform works in different stages and is 100% user-friendly.

So how exactly do this Positive Giving App work?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, users will find a “GIVE” button that allows the donator to post a picture of the item they wish to donate with a brief description. Items may vary from laptops to clothes to furniture and more. The search button in the public database will allow people in need to view donations within a fifty-mile radius. Then, a “MAY I” button pressed by the potential receiver will privately alert the giver, allowing them to view the receiver’s profile and description of themselves.

Eventually, the giver will have to decide which person, family or organization to donate to by pressing the “From Me To You” button allowing for a line of communication on where the exchange of items may occur. The giver/receiver button will also enable app users to toggle back and forth in times of need for the giver.

About From Me To You:

From Me To You is the creation of a father of four who, in his own words, states, “I created From Me To You because during the pandemic I saw a need for families, especially with children in school who did not have access to certain educational tools. I knew that I had tablets, computers, and so much more to give. I also knew that there were others like me who wanted to do the same. This app will connect a giver with a person or institutions in need.” -Glen Daniels, creator of From Me To You.

Download From Me To Youto receive your first three months free to help those in need at the moment. It’s time to discover your own Meaningful Giving Opportunities!

Contact Info:

Name: Glen Daniels
Organization: From Me To You
Address: Broward County, FL
Phone: 954-515-6289