Smoke Alarmed are local Sunshine Coast QLD electricians who have quickly built themselves a solid reputation for being first-class smoke alarm specialists, based on their deep-rooted intent and passion to improve home safety.


Buderim QLD, 12 March 2020 – Smoke Alarmed has 18 years of experience in testing, repairing and replacing smoke alarms, and is committed to providing a complete smoke alarm installation, testing, and repair service across the Sunshine Coast, from Beerwah to Noosa and west to the Hinterland.

Luke Pritchard, owner of Smoke Alarmed comments, “We thrive on challenging smoke alarm issues and installations and no job is too small. Right now, we have the next phase of the new Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation looming, due to take effect on 1 January 2022. With less than 2 years until the deadline, time is of the essence to ensure all rental properties, plus properties being sold after that date, are compliant with the new regulations by then. It’s a particularly busy period for our industry, though our customers can be confident they are dealing with a professional smoke alarm company that will provide the correct advice. We are well equipped to upgrade your home or investment property to comply with the next phase of the regulations”.

When you have multiple smoke alarms installed in a property, it is strongly advised (and part of the incoming smoke alarm legislation) to have them interconnected with each other so all smoke alarms sound when one is triggered. This will provide the earliest possible warning and allow the best chance to escape the building should disaster strike. Interconnection of smoke alarms can be carried out with physical wiring run between each alarm or in instances where this is not possible, via wireless radio-link technology.

Luke goes on to say, “We refuse to cut corners when it comes to electrical and fire safety. Our utmost priority is the safety of you and your family whilst delivering the 5-star trade service that you deserve.”

Indeed, a read through the numerous 5-star reviews for Smoke Alarmed left by many grateful and happy customers, will attest to this. The reviews also highlight the excellent customer service provided by this trustworthy and dependable business.

Homeowners and landlords should not become confused with companies who only offer a smoke alarm testing and maintenance service. Smoke Alarmed are licensed electricians, which means you are engaging with a business that is fully conversant with the new Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation and the 10-year phased rollout of interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms. The rollout happens over three specific periods and started on 1 January 2017. Phase 2 commences on 1 January 2022 and lastly, Phase 3 commences on 1 January 2027 (additional information can be found by contacting Queensland Fire and Emergency Services).

Luke advises, “Furthermore, our smoke alarm electricians can design a customised smoke alarm solution specific to the layout of your property, taking into account the number of rooms, sleeping areas, multi-levels, ceiling heights, pitched roofs, etc. You can rely on the expertise of our electricians to design the safest and compliant smoke alarm installation for your situation”.

Smoke Alarmed partners with the best smoke alarm manufacturers and install hundreds of smoke alarms a month on the Sunshine Coast. This means they have the experience to know which smoke alarms are reliable and which ones to stay clear of. They know each smoke alarm make and model like the back of their hand. Customers receive the best advice and can have confidence in knowing they have been recommended the right smoke alarm for their home or business.

Smoke alarm testing and compliance for rental properties is yet another of the many services offered by this diverse business. Current smoke alarm legislation states that, 30 days prior to starting or renewing a tenancy, owners of rental properties in Queensland must ensure that their property’s smoke alarms are tested and cleaned, and flat batteries are replaced. Smoke Alarmed can carry out this service to ensure all of the responsibilities and obligations of a property manager, landlord or tenant are met.

For those concerned about the suitability or compliance of their existing smoke alarms in any property they own, Smoke Alarmed can carry out a no-fuss assessment and report of the existing smoke alarm system for total peace of mind.

Smoke Alarmed pride themselves on their 8 reasons why they are the #1 choice for smoke alarm repairs and installations on the Sunshine Coast:

  1. Free, upfront no-obligation quotes priced ‘by the task’ not ‘by the hour’
  2. Noisy nuisance smoke alarms fixed, same day guaranteed!*
  3. $0 Call Out Fee!
  4. Guaranteed on-time arrival or they pay you $100!*
  5. Licensed electricians who are smoke alarm specialists
  6. Clean and tidy house-trained electricians
  7. Most jobs completed the same day*
  8. Specialists in the repair of chirping smoke alarms

In this day and age where tradesmen often don’t arrive on time, or worse still, forget to turn up at all, Smoke Alarmed are a welcome ‘breath of fresh air’. For those who have been caught in this trap previously, you’ll love the guaranteed on-time service provided by Smoke Alarmed. When you choose Smoke Alarmed, they guarantee that if they’re late for your appointment, for whatever reason, they will pay you $100!*.

You can also track their exact arrival on a map before they arrive. Luke explains, “For your convenience, we’ll send you an SMS when we’re on our way to your place, with a link where you can track our exact arrival on a map. You’ll see us coming, turn by turn. No more waiting around wondering when we’ll arrive”.

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This company is a definite standout in the industry as attested by their customer’s excellent reviews. Rather than focusing on the competition, they focus on their customers. Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are, and Smoke Alarmed have their priorities in the correct order!

About Smoke Alarmed: Smoke Alarmed are local Sunshine Coast electricians who are fastidious smoke alarm specialists. With over 18 years experience in testing, repairing and replacing smoke alarms, and a deep-rooted intent to improve home safety, you can rely on them to provide thorough smoke alarm installation, testing, and repair services across the Sunshine Coast QLD region. Their utmost priority is the safety of you and your family and they refuse to cut corners when it comes to electrical and fire safety. Smoke alarms save lives, so like hundreds of other Sunshine Coast families, rely on the specialist knowledge and expertise of the smoke alarm specialists at Smoke Alarmed!

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