Simpatico Systems will be hosting a free webinar for Department of Defense contractors, that under new regulations will need to become CMMC certified.  Join us in this free webinar to help you understand and prepare for the new requirements under the CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).


September 30th, 2020 – The new CMMC for DoD contractors is rolling out quickly. You will want to stay up-to-date and make certain your business is prepped and ready for the new CMMC Certification. 

In this free webinar, business owners working with DoD contracts will learn where we are in the new CMMC requirements and what to expect next from the CMMC process. Simpatico Systems is here to help you identify the level of certification your business needs and the steps you need to take to be CMMC ready so you can win valuable DoD contracts for your business.

Webinar Information

Join in on this crucial webinar so you can learn what steps you need to be taking to prepare for the new CMMC guidelines, helping your business continue to service valuable DoD clients and land new DoD contracts.

Learn More About CMMC Requirements Here

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