There are plenty of text to speech programs out there but most of them can’t boast of a reliable output. Free TTS is a powerful online tool that is easy to use and offers high-quality results


Hong Kong, 20 May 2020 – Creating speech from text requires voice-over work that is usually expensive and time-consuming. Many people try to make use of text to speech, but most of the programs out there are not just efficient enough.

Free TTS is a high-quality text to speech online-based program that is completely unbelievable. To produce speech from text, just copy and paste the text in the space provide, select desired parameters, voice styles and click start.

Allow a few seconds for the system to analyze the content. Once done, the audio file will be delivered below the text for preview and download. Free TTS is free for everyone and users can convert text to speech as many times as possible.

To start using the online application, please visit the official website of FreeTTS.

People spend thousands of dollars on voice-over artists to voice their text and convert it into audio. In the end, they still can’t get a decent voice over audio that is useable on every platform.

Free TTS is a powerful text to speech online program powered by Google and Amazon machine learning. Unlike other platforms, the results from this platform are quite outstanding, with accurate pronunciation, excellent read text aloud, proper punctuation, convincing verbal expression, and other factors.

Using the platform is very easy. After pasting the message, the user has the opportunity to choose from about 20 different languages, which is something rare to find. There is UK English, American English, Arabic, French, Polish, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Users also have the option of choosing either a male or female voice, based on the project at hand.

Supported voice languages:

English (US) / Arabic / Czech (Czech Republic) / Danish (Denmark) / Dutch (Netherlands) / English (Australia) / English (India) / English (UK) / English (Welsh) /Filipino (Philippines) / Finnish (Finland) / French (France) / French (Canada) / German (Germany) / Greek (Greece) / Hindi (India) / Hungarian (Hungary) / Indonesian (Indonesia) / Icelandic / Italian (Italy) / Japanese (Japan) / Korean (Korean) / Norwegian (Norway) / Polish (Poland) / Portuguese (Brazil) / Portuguese (Portugal) / Romanian / Russian (Russia) / Slovak (Slovakia) / Spanish (Spain) / Spanish (Mexican) / Spanish (US) / Swedish (Sweden) / Turkish (Turkey) / Ukrainian (Ukraine) / Vietnamese (Vietnam) / Welsh

There is no learning curve in using Free TTS online text to speech program, as it is easy to use. The audio file is delivered in .mp3 format which is the most common audio file format that is compatible with thousands of devices, software, and media production programs.

Safety is one of the strongest factors of using this program. Every audio file produced is removed within 24 hours to ensure the owners retain their rights to the content the way they want. There is also no signup or registration required as users can go on and use the tool right away. Users also don’t have to download any software or plugin.

Free TTS produces audio speech with natural voices. For these reasons, it can be used in various types of media production like YouTube videos, podcasts, website articles and blogs, documentaries, local news production, and so much more.  More importantly, it is free for commercial usage.

For more information, please contact +86 15397504838, [email protected], or visit Free TTS.

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