From crime scene & bio-cleaning services to mold, water, hoarding, or restoration work – franchisee owner, Gabe Chrismon, opens his second Spaulding Decon location in Memphis, Tennessee. The franchise also welcomes former law enforcement officer & Chief of Police, James Smith, as Director of Operations. 


Tampa, FL, June 9, 2022— Spaulding Decon is so excited to share that franchisee Gabe Chrismon is opening his second territory in Memphis. In addition, we welcome retired Law Enforcement Officer & former Chief of Police aboard the Spaulding Decon family.  With Gabe, who was an Infantry Army Officer and West Point Graduate, and James’ 20+ years in law enforcement, this team brings an unprecedented level of expertise and resources to the community they serve. James worked in Homicide, DEA, Undercover Investigations, and as a Crime Scene Specialist before joining Spaulding Decon.  

In addition to his Law Enforcement career, James is also a Christian Minister and Counselor. In 2012 he started a non-profit to help and develop inner-city kids. From a long list of accomplishments, this is the one James is most proud of. Giving back to the community allows him to give people a better quality of life. He has had the privilege of seeing the evolution of that mentorship as kids who were formerly involved in his non-profit often return to thank him and tell him how he influenced their success. He is a husband, father, and advocate for his community. James has read over 35,000 books and considers himself adventurous and spontaneous.   

When he’s not on the job, Gabe enjoys visiting National Parks and capturing picturesque imagery.  His biggest accomplishment was graduating from West Point as well as leading an exceptional team during his army career.  Gabe is a thorough leader who takes the time to educate his staff and help them grow within the company. In 2020, he purchased his first Spaulding Decon location and was blessed to have started a recession-proof business that gave his staff job security during the pandemic.  

When asked why he chose Spaulding over other Franchises, Gabe said “Spaulding was still a relatively small Franchise, and I saw so much opportunity for growth and development”.  When Gabe and James met, they both realized how their combined experience and expertise would benefit Spaulding Decon’s customers.  Together with their service backgrounds, education, knowledge and resources, this team is unstoppable.  “I knew the magnitude of value in the services Spaulding Decon provides” added James, when asked why he chose to work with Spaulding over other companies that provide similar services.  They share a love of service and want to be known for their transparency and customer service.  This team’s goal is to care for their customers as if they were friends and not as if they were just doing a business transaction.  Trust, Integrity, and Empathy are the key factors to establishing their strong foundation and we couldn’t be prouder to have this team join our corporation. 

Spaulding Decon is the nation’s leader in the crime scene cleanup industry. They are your last responders and offer services from accidental death and biohazard cleanup, hoarding cleanup, drug lab cleanup, mold remediation, water damage restoration, rodent dropping cleanup, tear gas cleanup and more. In 2020, Spaulding Decon made the Inc 5000 list with over 608% growth, as well as Entrepreneur Magazine for their Franchise 500 list. 

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