Papillion, NE, June 3, 2020 – FORWARDbite has swiftly made a connection unlike any other brand in the racing world, and like a racecar leading the pack, hasn’t looked back. With a grassroots approach to building a brand for racers and fans of racing, by racers, FORWARDbite quickly grew to over 10,000  Facebook followers in just a few short months, all while engaging dedicated followers who provided insight to what they have been looking for.  The relationship between the rapidly growing FORWARDbite Nation and the brand is unique, dedicated, and dynamic with FORWARDbite already being represented by hundreds of drivers and fans across the country. After much anticipation, FORWARDbite  launched their new website,

“FORWARDbite sets the bar with connection and fellowship.”  said Addysin Roger of Bad Addysin Racing.  “…You can feel good about supporting a brand who supports the true grit of racers.  FORWARDbite is a company who truly cares about the consumer. FORWARDbite is a brand for racers by racers. To truly understand your customers, you have to walk in their shoes. We all walk the same path.  That’s what I love about FORWARDbite.”

Following the April website launch, FORWARDbite has proven to have a firm grasp on what racers and fans of all sorts of racing are looking for, offering hats, hoodies, shirts, visor decals, facemasks, and decals for cars and trailers. There’s even a page if you’re looking for a car racing sponsorship. Racers and fans regularly submit photos from all over the country sporting their FORWARDbite gear and it has become apparent that this company and brand have a connection unlike any other on the racing scene.  FORWARDbite is quickly becoming a movement, sweeping racers of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life all across the nation from go-carts to Formula One and everything in between. Whether you’re racing or wrenching, Forward Bite has you covered.  The Forward Bite brand was born in the garage and is for racers and fans of racing, by racers. 

“In my opinion, FORWARDbite is more active than other racing brands.  The interaction with fans drivers and second to none, making this more than just another “apparel company”.  The FORWARDbite nation is something special..” said Kelly Hebing with Kelly Hebing Racing.  “…It’s pretty neat how we can all connect over our love of racing.  I love the simplicity of the clothing.  It makes is easy to pick out something nice and clean to show up at the racetrack in.” Hebing added.    

FORWARDbite has caught the attention of well-established and respected leaders in the racing world such as Hunt the Front, who approached FORWARDbite about sponsoring their Virtual Racing League in the midst of the global health crisis.  FORWARDbite answered the call, sponsoring four weeks of virtual racing, reaching thousands of new fans and developing partnerships while connecting with fans itching to get to the track.

“FORWARDbite is more just a brand of racing attire to us.  They understand our team on all levels, are always looking for ways to provide superior racing apparel and accessories and has the best customer service you can find…” stated Stu Snyder with SLS Motorsports.  “…I mean, where else can you contact the day-of and ask for a shirt to be delivered to the racetrack, and it actually be possible?  FORWARDbite helps us look fresh at the track and is the best in the business.”

More than an apparel brand, FORWARDbite is there for its fans to help both on and off the track as a go-to for discussions and lessons on how to find success behind the wheel and stay on track.  For those who love to race, or just love racing, FORWARDbite is here to keep you moving forward and coming out of the turns faster than the competition. 

FORWARDbite.  Every racer wants it. Coming to a track near you.


Mark Vanderheiden
[email protected]