Expert Reveals the Terrifying Truth Behind the World’s Deadliest Serial Killers


Denver, CO, February 16, 2021 – SERIAL KILLERS: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask by Joni Johnston, Psy.D. will be published on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, by WildBlue Press in ebook and trade paperback formats. The true crime title features common questions Johnston has been asked about the minds of serial killers supported by real-life examples of serial murderers from around the globe.

Johnston’s new title combines her more than twenty-five years of practice as a forensic psychologist, private investigator, and crime writer. SERIAL KILLERS dives into the case files of the most infamous murderers in history, and answers the questions true crime fans have been dying to ask. Plus you can be on the lookout for the audiobook that is coming soon too!

Serial killers haunt our dreams and inspire the terrifying villains of TV shows and horror movies. But how much do you really know about the minds behind the world’s deadliest killers? What drives these murderers to kill and kill again? And what fuels our fascination with the true stories of their horrific crimes? Find out in SERIAL KILLERS: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask by Joni Johnston, Psy.D.

About Joni Johnston, Psy.D.

Joni Johnston has worked in prisons, courts, and hospitals with both victims and offenders for over twenty-five years. With a passion for understanding and communicating the psychology of crime, she writes for Psychology Today, hosts and produces a forensic podcast, and has been interviewed on 20/20, 48 Hours, and a number of true crime documentaries.  She lives in southern California with her husband, teenage daughter and two Russian blue cats.  Foster dogs and her three adult kids are also frequent visitors.   

WildBlue Press is the premier independent publisher of true crime books, thrillers, mysteries, sci-fi/fantasy, business, history, and horror books, in print, digital, and audio formats. Their list of bestselling authors includes John J. Nance, Steve Jackson, M. William Phelps, Burl Barer, Caitlin Rother, and more.

SERIAL KILLERS: 101 Questions True Crime Fans Ask releases February 16, 2021 from WildBlue Press. A marketing copy is available for your review. To arrange an interview with the author, please contact WildBlue Press at [email protected]


978-1-952225-51-2 Trade Paperback ISBN
978-1-952225-50-5 eBook ISBN
Publisher: WildBlue Press
Publish Date: February 16, 2021

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