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Do you own a jeep? Maybe you’re thinking of taking it for a drive over the Sahara on a trip of a lifetime.

If so then why not investigate the various things you can do with your Jeep. In particular cool jeep mods have their place even if they are pain in your wallet.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best jeep mods and the best places for you to get them.


Maybe you’ve got your hands on the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer. One of the best jeep mods is the air compressor and is a valuable asset when you are behind the wheel.

After a long day on the trails, you need to refill your tires, and driving on the road is nowhere near as fast as off-road, so park with a compressor at hand. If they do, you can find a long queue when you get your parking sticker.

You can start with a good, inexpensive model like the portable air compressor Viair 400P. It has a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi and your engine runs flawlessly. For those who are ready to upgrade, the ARB CKMA12 on board is a solid option.


If your Jeep feels like it’s struggling when you accelerate and you want to get better performance out of it, adding a cold air intake is the right choice for you. If your jeep is on the road, this is a good choice.

If you plan to drive your Jeep off the road, cross the water, or snorkel, this modification is more your thing. As Jeeper says, replacing your OEM air intake is unnecessary, and the gains you’ll see won’t be overwhelming unless you add other features such as a performance exhaust.


The alternator is one of those jeep accessories that doesn’t bother most drivers, but when your electrical system crashes and you get stuck and need a jump.

Whether you have extra lights, a winch for your drains, a portable refrigerator, an aftermarket stereo, or any of the other goodies listed above, a high-performance alternator might be right for you.

If you convert to dual batteries, you will appreciate an alternator that can recharge the batteries without missing a beat.

This means, Green claims, that this is the best option you can work with if you have a power problem. When it comes to protecting your Jeep’s interior, you have some great options out there and one thing is clear: You should invest in one of them.

Popular options include the spray bed liner line and the roll-over option from Herculiner.


If you are looking for a bed sheet, BedTred is the way to go, and if you are planning to replace your factory rug, there is no better option than BedRug to work for you.

BedRcarpet liners are hard-wearing carpets with a thick, stiff base that absorbs sand, cakes, mud and is washable. On the other side, sheets intersect with rubber inlays. You will receive dropdown floor coverings such as WeatherTech Husky, spare carpets, duvets, and Bedtred.


Just in case Mother Nature decides to send in a quick downpour. There is nothing funnier than watching an improvised jeep meet at a gas station without an awning.

In summer, there is no better bikini top than what you can get in jeep mods. Driving on top of the door is fantastic, and when it reaches 90 degrees you will be happy when the extra shade and breeze blows through your hair.

Another popular model from Bestop is the Safari model, which covers the rear seating area, so your passengers will be happy for you. It also protects your equipment from the rain. Another great option is the Spiderwebshade.


Body armor for your jeep is the best mod to make if you plan to go crawling on rocks. While it adds considerable weight to your rig, it’s worth it if not for the damage to your Jeep’s body. If you plan to use your Jeep as a daily driver on the muddy trails, these custom jeep mods are not an upgrade you can do without.

Remember that they only safeguard at slow speeds, therefore, if someone hits you over the road while you’re going crazy holding your beer in your hand, they can still cause damage.

One of the most popular options for body armor is the stylish and functional Smittybilt 76882 XRC Textured Black Armor.


This is not only the top Jeep accessory for $10, but it is also one of the cheapest Jeep accessories you can buy, which is a win in my book. If you are a beach bum, you must have a jeep to meet its cool accessories. Perfect for a break.

Just remember to stick to everything you have in your beer as you embark on your next getaway. Whenever possible, choose a can instead of a bottle for two reasons. Less weight and no worries about broken glass.


Since the Jeep is a great vehicle that sits on the showroom floor barebones and stock, they have only one complaint about Jeep OEM bumpers. They just look smooth.

In fact, most aftermarket steel bumpers for the Jeep are of the highest quality from the OEMs, so you have endless styles to choose from to suit your needs and style.

There are many brands and styles to choose from at different prices, but getting a winch holder with a built-in holder is always a smart move. Some of the best brands to watch out for are GenRight, Poison Spyder, Motobilt, JCR, Rock 4×4, DirtWorx, ARB, as well as Metal Cloaked. Custom bumpers can make your Jeep look really bad.

If you are an owner of a Jeep and want to camp, that is a law of nature. If you decide to go camping with your Jeep, a good tent is a must.

And of course, you can walk the old school route with a normal pop-up tent on the ground (yells at my father). My model has a built-in Jeep bonnet unlike any type of trailer model, which is much better for the cold ground.


Cool jeep mods can really spice up your experience with your beloved four-by-four.

From bumpers to body armor there’s so much great stuff that you can play about within your jeep. This can make it the perfect vehicle suited to your needs.

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