Field of Green Sports Picks LLC is a premier American company helmed by ex-athletes on a mission to provide U.S. sports fans valuable insight.


Baltimore, MD, November 11, 2023— Field of Green Sports Picks, LLC, better known as @fogbets, has created several avenues to educate and cultivate the everyday sports bettor into a consistent profit-making machine. They proudly offer “Sports Betting Made Easy” – an insightful E-Book teaching the tricks of the trade, along with an exclusive VIP training program tailored for everyday sports bettors to transform them into experts, accompanied by a vibrant sports betting community. Within this community, they generously share their expert picks, and in-depth research, and maintain a 24/7 live chat for members.

The founder, Mike Washington (@mr.modernmoney), and his expert team led by the Mysterious Yoda, DeLani Estrill (@lanis.Locks), and Jonathan Willey (@_jwilley), bring over 20+ years of collective experience in the world of sports betting. Since the launch of FOGBets in June 2023, they’ve gained recognition on major platforms like FanDuel, Bleacher Report, and PickWise for their impressive wins, turning $300 into $85K, $200 into $75K, and most recently $200 into 48k in which was called “The most masterful design of a parlay ever created” by a spokesperson of FanDuel Sportsbook. They currently hold an outstanding 29-4 record this past September on their exclusive bet of the day, catering to members who love high-probability single bets.

The team at FOGBETS utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and AI-powered tools to ensure their clients win. This modern software in the hands of experienced professionals has consistently delivered predictable results for their community. This software has allowed them and their community members to profit over $450k this NFL Season alone.

Confident in the ability of its team of experts, Field of Green Sports Picks offers a 5-day free trial on all subscriptions, allowing its newest members to access the platform and see how it works before deciding to stay. The most affordable subscription is the Bi-Weekly FOGBets subscription, billed at $29.99 every two weeks. The monthly plan is a trendy option, providing access to premium Field of Green Sports Picks top choices for just $49.99 per month. Enthusiastic sports fans may prefer the quarterly plan, which extends access to the Fogbets platform to 3 months, priced at $129.99. The ultimate Field of Green Sports Picks choice is the Yearly Plan, offering unparalleled value and the highest possible returns, with a cost of $497.00 billed yearly, translating to roughly $1.36 each day.

The company’s experts always strive to provide accurate match predictions and invite all sports connoisseurs to join their page if they want to benefit from decades of combined industry knowledge. 

More information about Field of Green Sports Picks is available on the company’s official website.

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