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RIGA, Latvia — 6 May 2020 — Are you searching for affordable international flights? FlyHalfPrice offers the most exclusive deals that are not available online. is accessible anywhere in the world to book your flight. Customers can also take advantage of phone-only deals 24/7 by calling their team of experienced travel agents. Another great way to save money is to use FlyHalfPrice’s concierge service, with best-matched flights and detailed itineraries.

“Customers keep coming back to us for flights to Manila, Dubai, Accra, London, Paris, and Mumbai,” said Anatoliy Chaliy, spokesperson for FlyHalfPrice. “We aren’t simply shipping tickets like some automated machine, our goal is to work with our clients and help them save money by finding cheap international flights.”

The FlyHalfPrice homepage is filled with tips on booking flights. When booking an international flight, for instance, they recommend scrutinizing the airline to make sure it’s safe and knowing exactly where the airplane will land. 

Travelers should never assume they know what the ticket cost covers. You’re typically entitled to a seat, storage, and maybe some refreshments, but more airlines are now charging for luggage. Some may even have limited storage space or weight limits. All of these details should be clear when booking a ticket. 

FlyHalfPrice guarantees the lowest airfare and they work with major airlines like United, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Asiana Airlines. Customers receive free quotes and free reservations. 

Many travelers are now searching for cheap flights to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. This popular tourist attraction is full of amazing sights to see like the San Agustin Church, Binondo, Fort Santiago, Manila Ocean Park, and more. Flights to other cities in the Philippines are also available. 

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