There can often be times when we have unexplained body pain. Whether it’s in the muscles or bone, this pain can often be uncomfortable and hard to manage. So when it happens, it’s worth trying different ways to see if you can help combat it in some way. Here are five ways to help with general body pain.

Do Gentle Exercise

The reason behind your body pain might be to do with certain types of exercising that you are doing. By putting a lot of strain on the body, that may be causing the body pain you are experiencing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do gentle exercising instead of anything that’s going to overexert the body. Think about yoga and pilates, or perhaps swimming will help.


Alternative Products

One industry that seems to be booming currently in the beauty and medical field is CBD. There are various different forms of Cannabidiol that can be used to help with certain impacts on your health and illness. It can help with body pain, but it also helps with stress and anxiety. It’s something that’s alternative and worth trying if you’re able to. There are also other alternative products that might help with pain, and herbal medicines have been around for a while now.

Get Counselling

Pain can end up making you very tired, grumpy, and stressed out. It can be hard to manage this pain and be around others. So it may be work seeking some counseling to talk through your emotions and helping to find a way of communicating the pain you are feeling and what the best way of handling it may be. It’s important to be kind to yourself and to allow yourself not to feel guilty for the way you feel. Some people find it easier to talk to others, and if a friend or family member isn’t enough, it can be worth it to see a counselor or your doctor for advice.


Control Your Breathing

It may sound silly but controlling your breathing can certainly help with the pain. When we’re in pain, we tend to hold onto the breath, and that can cause tension and stress within the body. This is only going to have a knock-on effect with the body pain, so breathe through it, taking slow and deep breaths.


Keep To Your Sleep Routine

For those who suffer from body pain, it can often be worse in the evening. However, it’s important to keep to your sleep routine because being exhausted will only make that pain worse. Try to distract yourself from the pain by listening to music to help you drift off.


For some, certain types of body pain haven’t been researched enough to find the cause of the pain, so hopefully, one of these tried and tested tips will help with your own body pain or of someone you know. Control your breathing and keep to a proper sleep routine each night. Don’t forget there are alternative products out there to try also.