Fit + Meals is excited to announce its local meal prep services to health-conscious eaters in Tennessee


Chattanooga, TN, May 14, 2020 – Fit + Meals is bringing its long list of healthy food to a neighborhood in Tennessee near you.

Fit + Meals, a meal prep company, has launched its keto-friendly and plant-based menu in Chattanooga. From express meals to standard meals, Fit + Meals focuses on providing nutritious meals to those who need it the most. Not only will they fix items from their online store, but they will even customize items that customers send them.

The keto meal company shares that “having three kids, businesses, and trying to make the most of life we realize that time is of the most importance. We started Fit + Meals with just that in mind. We wanted families to have more time together, less stress in the day to day decision making of what to eat. Lastly, a healthier alternative to the normal way of eating. We have a passion for people, health, and creating a business where we can cater to any and all needs.”

Fit + Meals offers a wide range of meals for people of all dietary restrictions too.  Their list of options includes the macro meal builder and the custom meal builder as well. To view meals or read nutritional facts, please visit now.

The meal prep company says “we are extremely grateful beyond words as [our business] has allowed us to truly do something we are passionate about. We have heard the changes in people’s lives and it keeps the fire burning. We will always strive to give Chattanooga an alternative way of eating and creating longevity in people’s lives.”

With such a high demand for healthy food on the go, it can be difficult to decide which meal delivery service is the perfect choice for you. That’s where Fit + Meals comes in. With a focus on express, custom, and keto meals, Fit + Meals delivers fast and hot food to your doorstep.

If you’re feeling hungry at home, popular choices on the menu include the Loaded Taco, the Teriyaki Noodle, and the Caribbean Chicken Bowl. Other tasty items on the menu include the Buffalo Chicken Bowl, the Mongolian Steak Bowl, and the Cheesy Egg Bowl. Not to mention that the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread and Cauliflower Bites are delicious alternatives as well.

Are you interested in trying Fit + Meals for yourself? If you live in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, then you are in luck. For a touchless, curb-free delivery of your favorite healthy meal, please visit right away. 

About Fit + Meals

Fit + Meals is a local, healthy meal prep company that is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They specialize in keto-friendly and plant-based meals that can be delivered straight to your door in the Chattanooga area.

Contact Info:

Name: Andy Peters
Organization: Fit + Meals
Address: Fit + Meals, 6190 Tuscany Pl, Chattanooga, TN 37343
Email: [email protected]