Findify Technologies, an eCommerce software provider based in Stockholm that produces an eCommerce solution based on customer traffic analysis through the use of proprietary artificial intelligence, utilizing multiple data points to provide personalized search results that improve customer experiences and provide more useful products, can increase conversion rates by twenty-five percent. 


Stockholm, Sweden, 25 February 2020 – Your customers matter. They are the lifeblood of your business. But the only way you know your customers is through their behaviour. Findify understands your customers’ online behaviour and helps you sell more.

No matter whether your customers are located in the US, the UK, Sweden or any other country, and no matter whether they are using a laptop, a tablet or a phone, Findify recognizes all these data points and provides an experience relevant to your customer’s specific situation.

Findify’s powerful conversion rate optimization processes millions of data points and analyzes your customers’ behavior in real-time. It then compares this data to historical activity and constantly optimizes the user and product experience. All of this helps deliver Real Time Personalisation of search results, which are continuously improved.  

Findify processes every data point and learns what interests them so that they are presented with the most relevant products, which is always complemented by prompts to further explore collections of related or similar products to maximise overall sales. 

And Findify does not just learn from the clicks your customers make. It also learns from what your customers explicitly ignore. By learning which products were ignored, which were added to the cart, and what was ultimately purchased, it builds historical data that helps increase sales over time.

Findify’s self-learning algorithm analyses Ecommerce Site Search results to recognize when your customers lingered on a particular product that they did not purchase, and automatically boosts similar products to the top of the order to encourage them to make a purchase. By placing products directly in front of them, customers are captured when they are on the verge of making a decision, which increases your overall sales.

Findify examines every field of your store feed, analysing every product with which the shopper interacts, whether they linger, add to the cart, buy it or skip it. This creates a matrix for understanding their specific preferences, which can then be matched with previous shoppers to understand what will be most likely to make them convert.  

Your online shoppers see more products they like, they buy more and your sales dramatically increase.

And of course, you will always be backed up by a hands-on integration team. They will be there for every step, from setup to launch to ongoing training on how to get the most out of the technology. They will respond to every question in great detail, Findify wants you to succeed. You are purchasing not just a software technology, but a group of dedicated people who are rooting for your success. 

About the Company: Findify helps businesses across the world sell more with the next generation of Personalized Ecommerce Search and Product Discovery tool through A.I and advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

Media Contact:

Joakim Amadeus Olsson
Stockholm, Sweden
+46 762 95 97 02