Ariacal Marketing in Costa Mesa offers a full range of digital marketing services including management of Google Ads, social media advertising, website and app development and assistance with crafting digital strategy. They provide cost-effective, high PPC Lead Generations advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes and types. According to the ISP Wordstream, paid ads drive over 65% of traffic to business sites. And, on average, 17% of a website’s sales are generated by paid ads, according to Formstack, a data management system. Learn more about Ariacal’s services at


COSTA MESA, CA — March 3, 2020 — Ariacal is a leader in providing cost-effective, (PPC) and Organic Lead generation services for any type of businesses.

Whether seeking to establish Google Search advertising (Search ads, Call Only Ads, Display /Video ads and shopping ads), targeting customers with social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) or assistance in crafting an overall digital marketing strategy, Ariacal PPC Management is ready to help businesses of all sizes and types.

“Anyone can open a Google Ads account or Facebook Ads Manager to start purchasing ads on their own, but it truly takes a skilled expert to Set Up an account with creative approach to find the best possible niche for clients, and stay up in the high competitive market, while everyone is trying to take over the portion of your client’s market share,” said Leila Najafzadeh, president of Ariacal. “Our marketing professionals have been trained very well, so we are helping businesses finding brand new leads with the fraction of the cost. They know how to take advantage of Google and FB AI Machine strategies and spend clients’ money wisely, so in that way PPC is not even expensive as some clients think it would be. We all stay up-to-date on the shifting digital landscape, and with the help of our Senior Google Reps, who are actively helping Ariacal team, we provide the best for our clients while being proud of keeping our Google partnership active and live.

Ariacal PPC Services revolve around online advertising where a business pays for each click made on its ad. PPC produces quick, targeted results and is way more flexible than other types of advertising. According to the ISP Wordstream, paid ads drive over 65% of traffic to business sites. And, on average, 17% of a website’s sales are generated by paid ads, according to Formstack, a data management system.

Ariacal’s Google Ads Management Services will ensure ad campaigns are not losing money for a business by regularly inspecting keywords, optimizing ad campaigns, designing high converting landing pages and providing detailed monthly reports for clients to stay informed not only regarding their Ads performance, but also more creative insight regarding the market, to stay up month to month vs others.

“Managing Google Ads is extremely time-consuming because it requires constant monitoring and adjusting, we never put your account on automated third party platforms, and we manage every detail manually by Ariacal’s professional team. Entrusting your digital advertising to our marketing professionals means you’ll have more time to run your business,” said Najafzadeh. “You will certainly begin to notice all of the success of your campaigns will start to have.”

Besides PPC Management, Ariacal also offers a full range of search engine optimization (SEO) services and works with businesses on developing websites or apps. Read more about PPC advertising (how much is needed to spend, how to get more sales and brand new clients or measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategies ) in Ariacal’s blog at

Prospective customers can reach Ariacal by calling (949) 220-2004 or through a contact form on their homepage.

ABOUT ARIACAL: Ariacal provides All Type of cost-effective PPC marketing services to businesses of different types and sizes. Our marketing experts create, manage and optimize PPC Ads campaigns as well as providing unique and creative business strategies. Learn about Ariacal’s services for businesses and contact their marketing professionals at