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Boca Raton, FL, April 12, 2022— Find Addiction Rehabs began with a vision to provide a better quality resource for those seeking addiction treatment, their families, and their loved ones. By looking over their expert postings and guest blogs by those with personal experience in addiction (and recovery), they hope you see the difference in their commitment to transparent, passionate coverage of this crucial topic. Beyond providing a simple directory of treatment centers themselves, they seek to provide a single source for all the vital issues related to addictive disorders and behaviors and the current -and evolving- best practices for recovery from these conditions. The best part is they connect you with rehabs that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

Their mission as a full-service addiction treatment resource site is to seek to achieve more by building detailed articles on each state within their country and looking at the concerns and circumstances that make each state unique. With state-by-state guides on the latest in addiction treatment practices, from states such as California, well-known for their resources and quality treatment centers, to South Carolina and their less publicized but still well-established avenues for seeking assistance and rehabs that accept GEHA insurance.

On their site, you’ll find information on four different matters:

  1. Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Alcohol addiction is considered a chronic disease because of the way that alcohol abuse changes your brain. It is prevalent amongst all races, classes, ages, and other demographics.
  2. Drug Addiction: Under this headline, you’ll select among the 22 different substances shown in order to find specific information (as understanding the addiction per se and the treatment provided) for each of them.
  3. Dual Diagnosis: Rarely do alcohol, or drug addicts lack a secondary mental disorder that affects them. Anxiety, depression, trauma, undertreated or undiagnosed ADHD, and other mental disorders have been experienced by most addicts. Dual diagnosis treatment blends the most effective aspects of substance abuse treatment and mental disorder care. It is perfect for alcohol and mental disorder treatment and drug and mental disorder treatment.
  4. The 7 Levels Of Care In Addiction Treatment: This approach to addiction treatment is called the Continuum of Care (CoC), and it was designed to ensure that patients get sufficient and appropriate care upon joining a rehabilitation program. Furthermore, it allows them to smoothly transition from higher to lower (or vice versa) levels of treatment based on the severity of their condition.

If you, a loved one, or a family member is struggling with addiction to substances or alcohol, please reach out to their hotline now. Whether or not you have insurance coverage or the ability to pay ‘out-of-pocket’, they will refer you (or your loved one) to the facility or resources best suited to meet their needs: whether you need to find rehabs that accept UnitedHealthcare insurance or other company. It’s important not to delay since every day that passes raises the risks involved with active addiction. If your loved one isn’t ready to commit to treatment, please call us to discuss the options for contacting them directly or setting up an intervention with a certified member of our staff. The stakes are too high to wait.

To find out more information about their top-quality services, visit You’re not alone; they are there for you. Call now for options!

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