Seth Connell of Financial Coach Seth Connell, LLC helps Millennial professionals handle the looming issue of student loan payments that will resume in September after 3 years of deferment. 


Murfreesboro, TN, August 2, 2023— Federal student loan payments will resume in September. Many Americans are now scrambling to cover the payments that have been deferred for over 3 years. But the end of the payment pause does not have to spell financial doom. With the guidance of an experienced financial coach, Millennial professionals can conquer their student loan debt and achieve financial freedom says Seth Connell, owner of Financial Coach Seth Connell, LLC.  

A majority of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck these days. And that includes 51% of those earning over $100,000 per year. With student loan payments starting soon, the pressure will greatly increase for many American households.

This is an opportune time to prepare yourself for paying off student loan debt. It is a common feeling that student loans will always be a part of life-especially for Millennial professionals. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

By having an experienced financial coach guide you through a proven process, you will become more confident in your ability to pay off student loan debt and build wealth. A coach will help you think about financial problems from new perspectives and explore solutions that you may never have considered.

Millennial professionals will sometimes consult with financial advisors on how to pay off their student loan debt. But advisors generally focus on purchasing securities and insurance, not our daily financial practices and mentalities.

Financial coaching helps you do the practical things that lead to wealth. By providing hope, encouragement, and accountability, you become more likely to achieve your goals. A coach provides you customized support in a judgment-free environment.

Financial Coach Seth Connell has counseled individuals and families in personal finance since 2018. In that time, he’s helped his clientele pay off over $2.7 million of debt and have an average monthly savings of $1,700.

He focuses on helping Millennial professionals thrive with their money. Millennials were largely thrown into the world with little financial guidance. But he is on a mission to help fellow Millennials learn the things that are necessary to know, but were never taught.

This includes topics such as how to make a workable budget, pay off debt, build savings, prepare for homeownership, communicate with our spouses, and much more. The end goal is for every client to become a powerful and independent decision-maker.

When you work with Seth as your financial coach, you can be sure that all guidance is free of conflicts of interest. Unlike others in the financial world, he does not sell any products. All of his guidance is based on what will best help you achieve your financial goals.

Help is available to conquer what may seem like an impossible task. And Financial Coach Seth is here to guide you to building strong foundations in financial freedom. He is based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and works with clients locally and across the U.S.

Book a free initial session with him today to start your financial transformation.

About Financial Coach Seth Connell, LLC:

Seth Connell has been a financial coach since December 2018. After going through his own debt-free journey, he decided to share his passion for personal finance with others in a professional capacity. Using the program he teaches, he managed to go through law school without any student loan debt. Since starting his coaching practice, he has helped his clients pay off over $2.7 million of debt and have an average monthly savings of $1,700.

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