FT Studio of Canberra, Australia offers space and gear for all photography, whether you’re a professional photographer or a media company. Their facilities are located in a quiet neighborhood, a short drive from most parts of the city. Learn more about FT Studio here.


Canberra, AUS, 14 June 2022 — FT Studio knows all that’s needed to accomplish photo or film projects, and they offer all the space you need for successful creation. In addition, the company runs a studio available for hire, with flexible options that accommodate hourly and entire-day bookings.

Germaine Muller from FT Studio explains that “Our Canberra studio hire offers you the space to free your creativity, plus support and equipment that ensures your film and photography projects thrive. The studio is blacked out but features a tall roller door, 3.6 meters wide which opens up for natural lighting.”

Located nine minutes’ drive from the Canberra airport, FT Studio’s premises feature wide spaces, high ceilings, and extended access for equipment and apertures. Other aspects of improving your photo or video captures include adjustable and customizable lighting, backdrops, internet access, a kitchenette, and complimentary snacks.

“We are a photography studio that’s about more than space, but also boosts for your creativity, but a support system to provide anything from the right lighting color temperatures to backdrops and acoustic foam stands,” insisted Muller.

Besides the significant space, you get affordable rates for weekdays, weekends, after-hours, and public holidays. Booking options include, hourly with a two-hour minimum, half and full-day packages, plus monthly agreements that attract rate discounts.

“Our smoke-free facilities have easy access to bathrooms and showers, and there are free refreshments and space to change clothes or apply make-up for your model shoot. Alongside free parking, you’ll have a free range of 126 square meters of space, 250 Mbps Wi-Fi, sound and lighting equipment.” Germaine Muller added.

FT Studio is close to Canberra city, and only five minutes from Queanbeyan. It is available for bookings from Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm, and after-hours by request. The studio space is suitable for photography or filming projects, whether for company headshots, family portrait photography, model shoots, or creating employee safety videos.

About FT Studio: FT Studio is located in Canberra and provides uniquely spacious premises to support all sizes of shoots, whether for film or photography. It’s conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood in Beard, Canberra, and offers professional lighting systems, high-speed internet, complimentary backdrops, amenities, and refreshments.

Besides an affordable pricing structure, this sizeable studio space offers ease of access when bringing or removing videography or photo shoot gear.                                                                                  

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Germaine Muller
Business Name: FT Studio
Address: 10d Alumina Street, Canberra
Phone Number: (02) 5110 2443
Email: [email protected]