FiCare Federal Credit Union’s dedication to serving healthcare professionals extends beyond banking services.


Clearwater, FL, October 5, 2023— FiCare Federal Credit Union, a financial institution dedicated exclusively to serving healthcare professionals, proudly commemorates its remarkable journey of growth, purpose-driven service, and successful merger, reaffirming its commitment to being a vital resource for the heroes of the healthcare industry.

Founded on the principle of supporting and empowering healthcare professionals, FiCare Federal Credit Union has consistently striven to provide tailored financial solutions to those who dedicate their lives to the well-being of others. Over the years, the Clearwater, FL credit union has achieved significant milestones, firmly establishing itself as a unique and cherished institution for the healthcare community.

FiCare Federal Credit Union’s journey of growth has been nothing short of exceptional. Since its inception, the credit union has seen a remarkable expansion in its membership and services. Today, it proudly serves healthcare professionals not only in Clearwater, but also in neighboring regions and communities, providing a wide range of financial products and services designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare practitioners.

As the credit union continues to grow, its commitment to delivering unparalleled service and tailored financial solutions to healthcare heroes remains unwavering. FiCare Federal Credit Union understands the demanding nature of the healthcare profession and is dedicated to simplifying the financial aspects of its members’ lives, allowing them to focus on what they do best – saving lives and promoting well-being. What sets FiCare Federal Credit Union apart is its steadfast dedication to a singular mission – serving healthcare professionals and their families. This unique focus allows the credit union to better understand the financial challenges and goals of healthcare workers, enabling them to provide specialized advice and solutions.

FiCare Federal Credit Union offers a wide array of financial products, including savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, and investment options, all designed with healthcare professionals in mind. The credit union’s commitment to excellence has earned it the trust and loyalty of its members, who appreciate the personalized attention and support they receive.

In a strategic move aimed at further enhancing its capabilities and resources, FiCare Federal Credit Union recently completed a successful merger with My Healthcare FCU. This merger has not only strengthened the credit union’s financial foundation but also broadened the scope of services and benefits available to its members.

Through this merger, the Clearwater, FL bank remains steadfast in its mission to provide healthcare professionals with an even more comprehensive range of financial services, all while preserving its commitment to personalized, member-focused service.

“FiCare Federal Credit Union is honored to be the financial institution of choice for our healthcare heroes. We understand the unique financial challenges faced by those in the healthcare industry, and we are proud to stand by their side, providing unwavering support and tailored solutions,” said the President and CEO of FiCare Federal Credit Union. “Our recent merger is a testament to our commitment to strengthening our offerings and ensuring that our members have access to the best financial resources available.”

FiCare Federal Credit Union’s dedication to serving healthcare professionals extends beyond Clearwater, FL online banking services. They actively engage in community initiatives, sponsor healthcare events, and offer financial education programs to empower their members to make informed financial decisions.

About FiCare Federal Credit Union:

FiCare Federal Credit Union is a financial institution exclusively dedicated to serving healthcare professionals and their families. With a mission to simplify the financial lives of those who dedicate themselves to healthcare, FiCare Federal Credit Union provides tailored financial solutions, personalized service, and unwavering support to its members. With a history of growth, purpose-driven service, and successful mergers, FiCare Federal Credit Union continues to be the trusted financial partner for healthcare heroes.

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