Auckland, New Zealand, 29 April 2020 – The holiday festivities are coming to a close. It’s fairly normal in New Zealand to have spent the last few weeks celebrating with family and friends, attending functions, and enjoying the summer. During this period it’s easy to slip into a lifestyle of excess, indulging in delicious food and potentially drinking more alcohol than we usually would. But when the blur of backyard barbecues, beers, wines, and champagne comes to a close many of us start to wonder how much of a toll it takes on our health. It’s no wonder so many people place a health goal as a New Years’ resolution after the holiday period.

One of our primary health indicators is the condition of your liver. The liver does a lot of work filtering blood from the digestive tract before passing it to the rest of the body. Furthermore, it detoxifies chemicals and metabolises drugs, meaning that while you’re on holiday, your liver isn’t! So if you want to put your mind at ease over the state of your health, a liver check is a great place to start!

The MacMurray Centre is excited to introduce a brand new technology for liver health assessment, the FibroScan.

In the past, invasive liver biopsies were the main method of accurately checking liver health. Needless to say, this was not a procedure that people generally volunteered for. Thankfully with the FibroScan, it is now a quick, painless non-invasive procedure that can accurately asses the health of your liver. The procedure involves a scan in which a probe is placed on the skin. The Fibroscan then uses a combination of an elastic wave (generated by mechanical pulses) and ultrasound technology. It can then formulate a numerical value that measures the “stiffness” of the liver. The “stiffness” of the liver can be indicative of potential concerns such as liver scarring (or fibrosis) which can lead to liver cancer.

Being so quick and painless is a far cry from the liver biopsies in the past, which involved a piece of the liver being removed, and tested. Not only was this a potentially expensive procedure, but it also left patients hospitalised for at least half a day. The FibroScan is performed in about 10 mins, non-invasively, and receiving the results is just as quick, with none of the risks associated with any surgical procedure.

The liver is a tough organ. It can withstand years of damage protecting your body. This is a

double-edged sword though, as by the time symptoms of liver failure appear you may have already caused irreparable damage.

“The liver is the silent workhorse that protects our entire body. The importance of having a healthy liver cannot be emphasised enough. We all take it for granted until it is too late. Early detection paired with a holistic lifestyle is the key to taking care of it” Dr. Alasdair Patrick, Director of the MacMurray Centre.

So if you’re looking to have a benchmark for your health entering 2020, book an appointment with a MacMurray Centre hepatologist today. Take advantage of this major development in liver health technology and allow the FibroScan to put your mind to rest over your liver health.

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