Findify is a holistic, AI-powered solution for e-commerce businesses that provides real-time personalization. The Findify platform relies on features that are proven to increase customer conversion rates, such as site search, smart collection, and customer recommendations.


Stockholm, Sweden, 24 March 2020 – Black Halo has become the latest e-commerce retailer to integrate Findify Technologies’ premium e-commerce personalization software features. Thanks to the proven effectiveness of features incorporated by Findify e-commerce personalization software, Black Halo customers will now be able to enjoy a more personal online shopping experience.

E-commerce customers love Findify’s real-time personalization software because of its user-friendly features, which provide them with a simpler and more intimate online shopping experience. Meanwhile, e-commerce companies appreciate benefits that are a direct result of integrating the Findify software on their websites, which include profit-boosting benefits such as increased conversion rates.

Findify’s software relies on personalization features with a proven track record for increasing e-commerce conversion rates.

For those who may be unfamiliar with how Findify personalization software works, here is a brief explanation of its most useful integrations:

Findify offers e-commerce site search, a simple but effective search bar that gives customers the ability to search a retail site for a specific product, keyword, or phrase. This feature helps to route customers to the merchandise that they are looking for, which increases the likelihood that the customer will make a purchase before leaving the site.

“Smart Collections” is another one of Findify’s user-friendly features that boost sales for e-commerce retailers by directing customers to relevant products likely to capture their interest.

Findify also provides customers with personalized recommendations, which include items they are most likely to purchase. This could mean suggesting matching accessories or it might include recommendations based on customers prior purchases.

Together, Findify’s features offer e-commerce customers’ a more customized shopping experience, complete with made-for-you recommendations that are unique to each individual customer. What’s more is that these recommendations are based on the customer’s actual preferences and behaviors, with the purpose of creating tailored product suggestions and a more seamless and personal buying experience overall.

The personalization software has garnered the attention of many world-class e-commerce retailers, the latest of which is the internationally-famous fashion designer, Black Halo.

Black Halo offers a collection of runway-worthy fashions, specially created for today’s modern woman and inspired by the fashion icon and former first lady, Jackie Onassis. The Black Halo brand was founded by designer Laurel Berman, who rose to fashion fame with her iconic Jackie O dress, a versatile and elegant classic with an uncanny ability to perfectly fit and flatter every woman’s figure. Today, Berman’s Black Halo fashion line has grown to include jumpsuits, two-piece dressing, and separates. The designer’s exquisite fashions are available in select styles ranging from size 0 to size 22.

Fans of Black Halo can shop Berman’s latest spring fashions online via the Black Halo website. The debut of all-new personalization features provided by Findify combined with Black Halo’s signature, classic, yet modern looks by fashion extraordinaire, Laurel Berman, promises a shopping experience like no other for customers in 2020.

About Findify Technologies: Findify Technologies is a holistic, AI-powered solution providing real-time personalization for e-commerce websites. Findify incorporates features proven to increase customer conversion rates, including site search, smart collection and customer recommendations.

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