FutureFarm, a start-up company in Bristol, is seeking investors to pledge their support for the Grow Box, a fully-automated, sustainable aeroponic greenhouse capable of growing produce without soil in a climate-controlled by artificial intelligence. This revolutionary, yet simple technology will help maximize food production while protecting the environment as the world population grows exponentially. In late 2021, the company will also be introducing its own cryptocurrency for Grow Box users and recipients. Learn more at future-farm.co.uk.


BRISTOL, England — January 28, 2020 — The Bristol start-up FutureFarm has introduced a self-sustained aeroponic farm to aid in developing safe and environmentally friendly food sources for the future.

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the world population is expected to be 9.7 billion by the year 2050. That’s an increase of nearly 3 billion people from 2015. 

“It’s clear that more food than ever is needed for our growing world population, but our concern is about the damage conventional farming methods are inflicting on the environment as food production skyrockets,” said Joao Paulo, industrial product designer for FutureFarm. “Our sustainable technology will actually yield produce at a faster rate than conventional means while reducing the carbon footprint.”

The FutureFarm Grow Box is a fully-automated, aeroponic greenhouse allowing growers to raise produce without soil. With this method, water with added nutrients is sprayed onto vegetable roots and the greenhouse environment is monitored around the clock by artificial intelligence. A robotic arm tends to the plants and harvests at the ideal time while planting new seeds in the vacant space. 

Grow Box users can raise microgreens like fennel, kale, or cabbages, leafy greens like basil, lettuce, or lemon balm, root vegetables like radishes, and fruiting crops like strawberries.

“The entire system can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Sophisticated sensors control the many aspects of farming and our artificial intelligence processes data to optimize the crops. It’s revolutionary, yet simple,” said Paulo. “And our use of blockchain technology secures the final product while opening the door for us to develop our own cryptocurrency.”

In the fourth quarter of 2021, FutureFarm will present its own cryptocurrency as an initial coin offering (ICO) and then will be available for common trading. It will allow for cheaper, more secure and more efficient payments between users and recipients. 

The FutureFarm Grow Box is an incredible opportunity and the company is now inviting investors to pledge their support for a number of financial packages, with rewards ranging from name credit on their website to owning one of the state-of-the-art aeroponic greenhouses. Environmental solutions like the Grow Box will protect the planet and maximize food production for all. 

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ABOUT FUTUREFARM: FutureFarm is a start-up that aims to provide a solution for the general public and farmers to produce their vegetables in an ecological and more sustainable way, using aeroponic systems you can grow organic food while saving water and land, reducing your environmental impact on the planet. Learn more at future-farm.co.uk.

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