Factory Painting USA celebrates its 50th anniversary. This company is up for the challenge when it comes to factory painting jobs all across the nation. They incorporate the newest technology and techniques into the job. This makes them a great choice when it comes to hiring a professional factory painter. Learn more at factorypaintingusa.com.


Fort Wayne, IN, September 21, 2020- Professional painting contractor, Factory Painting USA, celebrates its 50th anniversary. 

You can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing Factory Painting USA as the company for your factory paint job. After four decades of service, they have become a nationwide factory painting phenomenon.

“Selecting a Factory Painting Company with our nationwide experience virtually guarantees quality work and a fair price,” declares a spokesperson for Factory Painting USA. “Our experience includes large government installations and institutions of all types. Whether it is storage tanks, shipyards, warehouses, or steel mills, our team has the qualifications to handle the job.” 

Factory Painting USA is prepared to deliver top-notch service to your facility. Whether it is interior and exterior painting to cleaning and painting preparation, they’re prepared to get the job done.

“Our experienced Factory Painting Contractors have the skills required to do the job right,” says the spokesperson for Factory Painting USA. “Our unique skills and easily scalable crews make us an ideal choice for nationwide factory services, regardless of the size of the job.”

Factory painting entails specialized skills that are gathered over time. Factory Painting USA produces superior work as a result of their years of extensive training and on-the-job experience.

“Factory Painting USA currently specializes in factory painting for automobile factories, beverage plants, breweries, food processing plants, paper plants, power plants, processing plants, refineries, and warehouses,” says a spokesperson for Factory Painting USA. “Providing an array of services, Factory Painting USA caters to a variety of businesses ranging from ten thousand square feet to multi-million square feet factories.”

When you choose Factory Painting USA, you are choosing experienced painters trained with the latest technologies and techniques up their sleeves. This is one of the best investments for the upkeep of your facility. Learn more at factorypaintingusa.com.

About Factory Painting USA: Factory Painting USA is a nationwide factory contractor that specializes in making your factory look great. Our factory painting contractor service provides a wide range of benefits from improving the look of the structure to protect from the elements and extending service life. As a professional nationwide contractor, we paint all surfaces of your plant including walls, floors, ceilings, equipment, and other surfaces located on the inside or outside of the facility.

In the past four decades, our company has grown into a thriving and respected entity serving commercial and factory clientele across several states in the US. We also continue meeting one of our goals of making sure that we employ several invested and committed staff members at our different offices.

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Address: 6435 W Jefferson Blvd Suite 183 Fort Wayne, IN 46804 
Phone: (407) 595-5115
Website: https://factorypaintingusa.com/
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