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Transform The Exterior Of Your Home

The team at HomeSmart will create lasting improvements regardless of the type of exterior cladding on your house.

We employ some of the best exterior plasterers in Auckland, combined we have decades of experience. Our staff is passionate about quality and we guarantee a high quality and durable finish to your exterior plastering.

We are specialists in all exterior plaster cladding systems:

For your peace of mind, we employ all our exterior plasterers to guarantee quality control. We will manage your project from beginning to end ensuring that your experience with us is well above your expecations.

Bagged Brick

Give your home a rustic feel. We can apply a bagged brick plaster system over a variety of masonry surfaces including new or old brick, or even concrete blocks.

Brick bagging provides an economical way of transforming and modernising your home. The bagged brick plaster system is a high quality, durable mix of aggregates, cement and unique fibre reinforcements helping to prevent cracking. Once complete the surface is painted using a 3 coat system in the colour of your choice.

Brick bagging could be one of the most cost-effective methods of completely transforming the look and feel of your home. If you think this could be right for you call us today.

Clinker Brick

Do you have old Clinker Bricks and want to modernise your home?

After we remove the clinker, our exterior plasterers apply a leveling compound to produce a high quality even and true surface. The products we use are a specially developed plaster mix containing a blended mix of aggregates, cement, proprietary ingredients and a unique fibre reinforcement which allows for application over concrete block, brick walls and masonry surfaces. The fibre reinforcement relieves curing stresses and creates an excellent surface for us to apply a finishing texture of your preference.

Clinker removal can be a time-consuming process but the cost of the renovation is easily offset, as it dramatically increases the value and desirability of your home. If you think this could be right for you call us today.


Solid Plastering / Brick Rendering

Modernise your entertainment areas, fences or retaining walls by applying a solid plaster to your standard old brick or block wall.

Our solid plasterers will finish your indoor or outdoor areas to produce a high quality even and true surface, followed by a finishing texture of your preference transforming and updating your home. We will turn your vision into reality.

Our skilled exterior plasterers are true professionals; courteous, polite and tidy.