Ahead of duck season, Slayer Calls launches its Call the Wild training platform and the super loud Ranger Single Reed mallard call.


EAGLE, Idaho, September 22, 2022 — Two major launches at Slayer Calls put waterfowlers in a better position to slay more ducks this season: Call the Wild training and the Ranger Single Reed duck call.

“The goal of Call the Wild is to make the skill of duck calling more accessible to the average hunter — simplifying the process so that anyone can learn — in turn helping hunters increase their success rate in the blind,” said Matt Carey, a longtime duck caller and course instructor.

Call the Wild puts expert guidance on calling at hunters’ fingertips — even offline, so waterfowlers can put in practice on the way to the blind. Each course comes with bite-size video lessons, demonstrations of each call and exercises for calling practice.

Carey’s training program is designed for hunting — not competition calling — so waterfowlers can actually slay more ducks using better form and more authentic, duckier sound.

The lessons in Call the Wild’s introductory duck calling series provide a foundation for new callers and a refresher for longtime callers. Additional courses for duck calling at intermediate and advanced levels, goose calling, turkey calling and elk calling are launching soon.

Slayer hunters enter duck season with another tool to get mallard formations diving in their direction. The Ranger Single Reed mallard duck call is new to the Slayer Calls lineup this year. Its open bore design takes more air than a standard call, so hunters can call even louder without losing realistic, ducky sound.

“If you’re looking to call ducks at a distance or working with a group of hunters in the timber, this is a call for you. The farther away you get from the Ranger, the more realistic it sounds due to the extreme volume of the call,” said Bill Ayer, CEO of Slayer Calls.

Callers can sign up for an annual membership to every lesson on Call the Wild for $16.99. The Ranger Single Reed duck call comes in five colors, with options for customization, for $134.99.

About Slayer Calls: CEO Bill Ayer founded Slayer Calls in 2018 in Eagle, Idaho. The longtime hunters and expert callers at Slayer are obsessed with crafting the best duck, goose, turkey and elk calls, all made in America. Slayer gives back to conservation and preservation efforts by donating 10% of every purchase.

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