Exitnest Inc announces the creation of the world’s first search engine dedicated to cash home buyers, which homeowners can use to search through a prescreened list of home buyers to find, with the click of a button, a trustworthy buyer who will pay what the home is worth, while also learning about what to avoid when it comes to selling a house.

Phoenix, AZ – Exitnest Inc, announces an entirely new way to sell your home, with the world’s first cash buyer search engine

With more than ten years of experience as brokers, appraisers, investors and business owners, the founders of ExitNest understand the difficulties involved in finding a trustworthy buyer for your home who will pay you what it is worth. Finding a buyer used to take months and involve multiple hoops and red tape. ExitNest has dramatically improved the process by creating the world’s first cash home buyer search engine.

The search engine leverages the revolution brought about by iBuyers, or Internet Buyers, who are using technology to create a new version of the tried-and-true house flipping approach. ExitNest also uses technology, but rather than trying to buy your home themselves, they exist purely to help home buyers find the best, most trustworthy investors who will offer the best price for the property. ExitNest does not charge fees to the seller, and charges the buyer a small acquisition fee.

Exitnest features a wholesale marketplace which includes thousands of off market discount properties for real estate investors. All you have to do is submit information about your home through an easy-to-use questionnaire, and with a few clicks, the ExitNest search engine will present that information to a network of qualified buyers. With the press of a button, you will be able to receive dozens of offers. And a convenient side-by-side comparison feature allows you to easily see the details of each offer.

Throughout the process, they educate sellers about the dangers of working with certain investors, about the methods fake “investors” use to take advantage of naive home sellers, and about the use of custom contracts that are designed to their advantage, not yours. With ExitNest, you don’t have to make these important life choices alone. You don’t have to struggle to choose a buyer you can trust. When Cash Buyers Compete, Homeowners Win!

About the company: Exitnest is the world’s first cash buyer and investor search engine. Our mission is to help you make the best decision when it comes to finding a trusted buyer for your home while getting the money you deserve. Through ExitNest, our extensive experience as Real Estate Investors and Cash Buyers is now made available at no cost to you. The ExitNest system pulls back the curtain to foster an open environment ideal for a seamless, successful win-win-win transaction so you can stay in control of the selling process and get the best deal possible.

Press Contact:

Name: Dave McLennan
Address: 515 E. Grant St. Ste 150 Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone: 480-510-0242
Website: exitnest.com