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Are you interested in getting car window tints but unsure about the Illinois window tint laws? Do you fear that getting something too dark will result in a ticket or hefty fines? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about window tinting in Illinois ahead of time.


Once you understand Illinois window tinting laws, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. You can shop around to find the best tinting service in Orland Park for your needs.

See below for an in-depth guide on everything you need to know about window tinting in the state of Illinois.

What Are the Laws for Window Tinting in Illinois?

When you go shopping around for car window tinting, you may find that there are more options than you anticipated. Not only are there different levels of tint, but different types of tint such as ceramic, dyed, metalized, carbon, etc.


But before you can make any of those decisions, you have to make sure you’re abiding by the law. If you’re caught with illegal window tint, you can be penalized with a fine of up to $500 or even a class C misdemeanor for those that are repeat offenders.


The regulations for car window tinting depend on the type of car you drive. Illinois splits them into two different categories: sedans and SUVs/vans.


For sedans, your front side and backside windows, as well as your rear window, have to allow more than 35-percent of light inside your car.


SUVs have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to tinting darkness. While your front side windows have to allow more than 50-percent of light inside, any darkness can be used on your back side and rear windows. This is to ensure privacy and safety for your children and/or luggage in the larger vehicles.

As far as tint reflection goes, the state of Illinois requires that all side mirrors (front and back) be non-reflective to ensure a safer experience for everyone driving on the road.

What to Know About Illinois Window Tint Laws

Now that you know the state of Illinois’ regulations for tint darkness and tint reflection by car type, let’s go over some of the finer details.


There are a few additional pieces of information that you might be curious about. Here are some of the most common questions we get regarding window tint and the state of Illinois:


  • What colors aren’t allowed? The state of Illinois, currently, does not have any bans against window tint colors.
  • Do I need some way of identifying legal tint? No. unlike some other states, Illinois does not require a sticker certifying that you have a legal tint.
  • Are there any exceptions to these tint laws? Yes. There are some medical exemptions that Illinois allows, but you’ll need to speak with a representative of state law to learn more.
  • Are only certain window film brands legal? No. The state of Illinois allows all window film brands to be used, therefore not requiring a manufacturer to be certified within the state.

One term you will want to know in this process is “visible light transmittance“, commonly referred to as VLT. It’s the measurement that’s used to gauge how much light your tinted windows allow inside the car.

What Are the Benefits of Window Tinting in Illinois?

Now that you understand the laws of window tinting in Illinois, let’s close this article out by highlighting some of the biggest benefits of tinted windows!

Ultraviolet Protection

Sunlight by itself is not harmful to your car. It’s the ultraviolet rays within the sunlight that are causing all of the damage.


Those UV rays are what cause the temperature in your car to skyrocket, the upholstery in your car to warp and crack, and for you to burn your legs when you go to sit inside the car.

Thankfully, trusted window film brands can block up to 99-percent of all ultraviolet rays trying to make their way inside your cabin.

Enhanced Security

Believe it or not, window film doesn’t just offer UV protection, but protection from the blunt force as well. Since it’s applied adhesively, it acts as a reinforcement of the glass was to shatter on your windows.


This is especially common in scenarios such as flying debris during a high-wind storm or when someone tries to break into your car.

While the glass may crack, it won’t shatter. This can protect your belongings from being stolen, as well as prevent water damage when it rains.

Awesome Aesthetic

There’s no denying it, as soon as you hire an auto window tinting service to install tinted film on your car, your car’s exterior gets a boost.


Tinted windows look good on any car! They increase the value of the car and can give the vehicle a luxurious aesthetic. These pair really well with LED headlights.

By installing tinted windows, you’re also protecting the value of your car. It will keep the inside and outside of your car from discoloration, cracking, or warping, which can help you get a higher return for it when you got to sell it.

Invest in Window Tinting for Your Car Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on window tinting in Illinois and the various laws with tint and reflection, be sure to use this information wisely.


Take the time to read this article for more information on car window tint levels and the role they play in your car driving experience. To get started, please reach out to Tint To U for a free estimate on your car window tinting project.