Eva Martins, a world-renowned success coach, author, and catalyst for change, announces the launch of her newly-released book, Stop Believing the BS. In her book, Martins delivers the life-changing message at the center of her global success, empowering and encouraging women all over the world with her bold words of wisdom to Stop Believing the BS. Martins ignites in her audience the courage to rise up, live authentically, and claim their own feminine power.


Basel, Switzerland, 25 September 2020 – Eva Martins, world-renowned success coach, author, and catalyst for change announces the launch of her book, Stop Believing the BS, a powerful and insightful guide to inspire women everywhere to rise up, live authentically, and claim their own feminine power. 

In Stop Believing the BS, Martins urges women across the globe to do just that. Through Martins’s personal life experiences, in which she’s held titles such as fortune 500 executive, mother of three, life coach, and international speaker, and through her own journey of deep soul-searching, she came to learn important truths about herself that led to her personal freedom and fulfillment. Now, she is sharing valuable lessons that she’s learned in an effort to spur a Female empowerment movement for the mothers, wives, friends, and sisters living in today’s all-too-often high-pressure society so they, too, can claim feminine power and become all that they truly are. 

Women today often feel forced to deny themselves of feminine qualities in order to keep up with the overload of demands and obligations they must face. For many, the result is a life that’s robbed of fulfillment and void of authenticity. In Stop Believing the BS, Eva Martins says enough is enough! 

Delivered with a unique combination of feeling and enthusiasm, readers will feel instantly drawn to Eva Martins’s perspective. And, while her voice exudes femininity, there is no hiding her bold and vivacious spirit that audiences will find equally endearing. While many are already familiar with Martins, new audience members will learn that she isn’t like a lot of the self-proclaimed authors and speakers out there today, and this is a good thing. Martins is vested in her audiences’ journeys and committed to their growth, well-being, and overall success. Martins’s Book launch is one way that she extends hope and help to her fans. But, it’s not the only way.

Martins also invites readers to experience an unforgettable journey of life-changing self development through her internationally-acclaimed superpowers program. Visit her website to register. There, you can also book an appointment for a personal one-on-one coaching session with Martins where you will witness her magic in-person as it goes to work in your life. 

Women, everywhere, this is your wake-up call! Grab your own copy of Stop Believing the BS, Eva Martins’ newly-released book, and start living the life you were meant to live!

About Eva Martins: Eva is a success coach, author, and a catalyst for change. As the author of her best-selling book, Stop Believing the BS, Martins is empowering women to rise up and to live authentically in their feminine power.

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