SILICON VALLEY, Calif., January 28, 2020 — Ether-1 is the first user-friendly blockchain-based web and file hosting platform, combining the power of Ethereum and IPFS for a truly seamless solution dubbed “ethoFS”. The technology can be utilized by individuals, NGOs, SMB, or the Enterprise for fault-tolerant and mission-critical data applications.

“Staking” is a blockchain and cryptocurrency principle in which “crypto-capital” is pledged for financial returns. Think of it as a Certificate of Deposit “CD” for the new economy. A recent study by Binance Research states Staking will become a multi-billion dollar industry. 

The Ether-1 decentralized hosting network is comprised of over 700 servers world-wide; the more servers that participate in the network the stronger it is. Ether-1 requires each server (often referred to as a “Node”) operator to “stake” (put in a holding account) a certain amount of the ETHO cryptocurrency. Often the Node Operator does not have the financial means to fund the deposit. Therefore, Ether-1 created a solution by which investors can lend via smart contract the funds to the Node Operator. The terms are very reasonable, flexible and set up to protect both parties. A Lending Marketplace was created where the Node Operators and Lenders can meet and execute the lending contracts with a click of a mouse.

Within the first 4 weeks of use, over 103 contracts have been put in place with over 2.5M ETHO lent. It is the first of its kind solution for the cryptocurrency industry. Decentralized finance “DeFi” is rapidly becoming one of the most successful use-cases for blockchain technology. Ether-1 is leading the way by providing a use case that not only grows the participants’ ETHO but also provides a useful service to the ethoFS ecosystem.

About Ether-1:

The Ether-1 Project “#DecentralizeEverything” is an open-source community-based effort to bring independence to data and Website Hosting via the ethoFS platform and smart-contract structure. Ether-1 is powered by its cryptocurrency ticker symbol: ETHO and can be found on STEX.COM and other leading exchanges. For more information, see and and

Ethereum, Binance and other names and trademarks mentioned are not associated with nor endorse the Ether-1 Project.

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Chris J Terry

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