Corporatio Lex Honduras is a one-shop-stop law firm that will help local businesses and foreign businesses get set up in Honduras, in some cases to purchase properties. They offer notary, contract services, corporate and business law as well as government regulations.


Honduras, 13 December 2022— Are you looking to set up a business in Honduras? The process relating to establishing yourself can be complex and intimidating, but there is no reason to fear with Corporatio Lex Honduras!

Corporatio Lex Honduras helps local businesses get set up in Honduras. The team offers a wide variety of services to help you get set up. They are prepared for any situation!

The legal team at Corporatio Lex Honduras has collective decades of experience and has worked with just about any type of case imaginable.

Each team member at Corporatio Lex Honduras is trained in the most modern practices in order to provide you with effective legal solutions.

Whether you need counsel for intellectual property law, corporate law, or immigration law, the team has got you covered.

“Our team has a vast array of knowledge and specialties so that we can assist as many people as possible,” said attorney Carlos M. Cálix.

In addition, the team can also assist you with government proceedings. These government proceedings can be time-consuming and confusing, but with Corporatio Lex Honduras, that burden will be lifted from your shoulders as their team takes care of everything so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

Another area that can be complex is public notary services. Whether it be Public Affidavits, Certificates of Authenticity of copies and signatures, or corporate agreement and actions, the team can handle it for you.

“Navigating business laws in Honduras became very simplified with the help of our friends at Corlex. They helped us with contracts, getting properly prepared and protected. Thank you for helping our business get the job done,” said one business owner.

Sometimes disputes and conflicts can arise in the business world. Should you experience some sort of issue of this nature, Corporatio Lex Honduras has got your back. Their team can represent you in such instances and will moderate the situation in order to come to a peaceful resolution.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out today!

About Corporatio Lex Honduras:

The legal firm exclusively dedicated to providing all the legal services associated with the creation and successful operation of your business. We counsel and execute all processes from incorporating your business, to permitting, labor relations, tax setup, property and all regulatory and compliance with Honduran law. Foreigners may need help buying property in Honduras and one of the ways they can go about it is, forming a business in Honduras and then using that business to purchase a property.

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Corporatio Lex Honduras
Col. Lomas del Güijarro, Call Enrique Tierno, Galván, casa #3512 Tegucigalpa, Honduras, CA