Escape Ops has launched the best-rated Escape Room game in Calgary that is specifically designed for a two-person team, promising an immersive experience. Escape Ops has tailored this new Escape Room game for individuals seeking to play in a smaller group setting.


Calgary, AB, February 14, 2023— Escape Ops is pleased to officially announce the launch of the Best rated escape room in Calgary. This game is the first of its kind in Calgary, specifically designed for a two-person team, and promises to provide an unparalleled immersive experience for players. This is Escape Ops’ first Escape Room game designed for a small group.

The popularity of Escape Rooms has grown considerably over the years, and Escape Ops takes pride in offering an exceptional escape room experience for couples, friends, and family members. The game is filled with thrilling challenges, puzzles, and riddles designed to test the players’ problem-solving aptitude and teamwork capabilities. Although initially oriented towards corporate Escape Room team-building activities in Calgary, Escape Ops has now introduced this new Escape Room game specially tailored for individuals seeking to play in a smaller group setting.

This Escape room for 2 people provides an exclusive adventure that guarantees an unforgettable experience. The game’s narrative is captivating, revolving around the players’ important mission of rescuing a planet facing imminent peril. In the game, the fate of the earth lies upon the pair’s ability to retrieve a powerful artifact, which can alter the course of humanity’s future. The gameplay of this Escape Room game is both challenging and enjoyable, tailored to appeal to both experienced and first-time players.

“We are thrilled to offer the best-rated Escape Room game in Calgary, and we are confident that it will exceed our players’ expectations,” said Dan Le, one of Escape Ops’ game designers. “Our games are not only designed for entertainment, but also for personal and group development. Players can improve their communication and problem-solving skills, increase their memory retention skills, and boost productivity. Our new dual Escape Room game also helps couples strengthen their relationships.”

Escape Ops takes pride in offering Calgary’s first exclusive escape room for two people. This dual game sets the company apart from other escape room providers. The company also differentiates itself from others through the provision of the best value by delivering high-quality rooms and scenarios that provide an unforgettable experience. Whether Escape Room fans are a 2-person team or a group of 9, Escape Ops’ escape room experiences are designed to cater to all their preferences and requirements.

About Escape Ops:

Escape Ops presents an exciting and exceptional offering of Escape Room Team Building Activities Calgary. Our escape games are designed to provide a truly immersive experience built from scratch, starting with a blank canvas. We have brought our vision to life and delivered next-level designs and puzzles that will challenge and engage you at every turn.

Contact Information:

Name: Dan Le
Organization: Escape Ops
Address: 3-700 33 St NE, Calgary, AB Canada
Phone number: (403) 669-6332