COLUMBIA, MO, October 21, 2021 — Productivity in construction hinges on the efficiency of three factors: equipment assets, staff and laborers, and building materials. For decades, these three pillars of productivity have been difficult for construction professionals to track and manage with transparency — resulting in a loss of productivity and profit across the industry. That’s about to change with T3 OS of Construction, EquipmentShare, one of the fastest-growing equipment rental companies in the nation, has launched T3, which is a suite of apps that help contractors and construction professionals digitize their operations for increased efficiency and productivity. The T3 platform features mobile and web apps that replace multiple software systems and paper-and-pen workflows to empower customers to manage their assets, people, and materials all with one solution.

“T3 was built upon the foundation that was set by the EquipmentShare Track asset management solution, which primarily helped contractors monitor and control their fleet,” EquipmentShare President Willy Schlacks said. “The comprehensive T3 operating system helps contractors manage all aspects of their business by removing bottlenecks and streamlining workflows. Gone are the days of waiting 45 days for a credit card statement to understand material expenses or logging into a dozen systems to view mixed fleet information, manage staff schedules or connect tasks to invoices. T3 gives contractors unparalleled visibility into their operations so they can begin to build with control.”

T3 is powered by machine telematics data, EquipmentShare’s cloud-connected keypads and Bluetooth tracking nodes. Contractors can access T3 from their desktop computer or their mobile device. Within the T3 platform, they can access apps that digitize workflows and more.

Users of the T3 Track Your Fleet app can monitor their mixed fleet utilization and manage rentals from EquipmentShare or from outside vendors. T3 Time Cards allows supervisors to review and approve employee timesheets from anywhere, at any time, and connect work hours to projects for accurate job expense reporting. With T3 Analytics, users can build and run reports on various activities at the jobsite, such as machine hours, maintenance intervals, and more. The T3 E-Logs Timecards & Compliance app replaces pen-and-paper driver logs for improved compliance and safety. By digitizing everyday construction workflows, tasks and reports, T3 helps users save time, reduce resource waste, improve safety and security and increase total productivity and profitability. 

“We like working with EquipmentShare because they have a vision to make the industry better and they want to partner with their customers in that pursuit,” said Patrick Leis, Vice President of Logistics Operations at JE Dunn Construction, an EquipmentShare customer. “They offer a smarter system that helps us better manage our equipment and rentals. T3 provides better visibility on the work started to the work completed, including record keeping and from a risk and safety management perspective. Their technology helps us check off multiple boxes.”

EquipmentShare’s equipment rental and retail customers gain access to T3 through their equipment rental reservation or retail equipment purchase. Contractors and individuals who own their fleet may also purchase a T3 subscription to manage any machine in their fleet, regardless of make, model or OEM. To learn more about T3 and its benefits for construction, visit

About EquipmentShare: Headquartered in Columbia, Mo., EquipmentShare is a nationwide construction solutions provider dedicated to solving industry pain points through smart jobsite technology and equipment rental, retail and service centers. More than a rental company, EquipmentShare’s cloud-connected platform, T3, is powered by telematics and machine hardware to give construction and industrial companies a real-time view into their jobsite and operations. EquipmentShare’s enterprise suite of apps is OEM-agnostic and can track and manage any piece of equipment, regardless of brand, to help fleet managers monitor assets, prevent theft and machine misuse, track employee hours and shifts, increase machine utilization, streamline maintenance and prevent unplanned downtime. Founded in 2014 and incorporated in 2015, EquipmentShare employs nearly 3,000 team members of diverse perspectives that push the boundaries of possibilities to create unparalleled customer value, support their communities and empower construction professionals to work more efficiently. EquipmentShare’s growing presence of locations, which includes equipment and service yards, research and development sites, dealerships for major brands, administrative offices and specialty solutions locations, serve the rising demand for the company’s equipment and digital solutions. To learn more, visit

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