With Epicor DocStar any company can develop a robust strategy for enterprise content management (ECM) and accounts payable (AP) processing. Inaccurate data, slow document management or issues with compliance can damage your credibility and turn off potential customers. Epicor’s DocStar ECM and AP Automation will assist manufacturers and distributors to meet and exceed the expectations of those strategies. With DocStar and Epicor ERP working in tandem, users enjoy streamlined processes without sacrificing security. Certified Epicor partners Tomerlin and Datix have teamed up to install, integrate, and implement Epicor’s DocStar solution for its customers and will make it an integral part of your organization.

Because DocStar is such a robust module, you will require training to master this must have module.

So what does this actually mean for your company:


The first benefit is the ability to collaborate on document creation and management. Users can quickly and easily share files and work together. DocStar retains an audit trail of unlimited revisions and comments, enabling users to view changes effortlessly. A mobile app also supports collaboration even when editors are out of the office. This means editors can see real-time changes throughout the content management process.


Even in the digital age, the majority of document management and AP processes takes place on paper. Employing DocStar ECM and AP Automation provides anywhere, anytime access to documents and streamlines tasks. For salespeople, that means accelerating the sales pipeline. Your sales team can pull up content on their mobile devices during an on-site visit, providing leads with accurate information instantly so deals can close in a flash.

DocStar ECM also includes preset templates and drag-and-drop features to enable faster form creation and document onboarding. In DocStar AP Automation, users can auto-populate data from other systems, swiftly find content using sophisticated search capabilities and create automated workflows to route documents to the right location—all in service of boosting your productivity.


To keep up with changing regulations, it’s essential to balance usability with security. Rather than let your document management processes be a free-for-all, use DocStar to set user permissions for accessing specific document types. DocStar also organizes data in a secure repository and protects information with encryptions. Audit trails allow you to know whenever someone has viewed or changed a document in real time, enabling you to ensure compliance. Unlike basic document management systems (DMS), DocStar provides the scalability and flexibility necessary to support regulatory compliance and business growth.

What’s Next?

With the addition of DocStar, Epicor’s ERP provides a more comprehensive solution. Rather than relying on disconnected systems and multiple sources of data, look to Epicor ERP with DocStar, an array of useful suites and modules in one central hub, to enhance accuracy and productivity.

If you’re ready to take your enterprise to the next level, get in touch with the experts at Tomerlin-ERP today. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience around everything Epicor makes us the premier consultants for software implementations. Tomerlin-ERP have each dedicated the past 20 years to providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) services and solutions to manufacturers and distributors.